Plans for June !

We're halfway through the year. Already.

Can you believe that ! When i think that the year is already half gone, i think two things;
1. OMG time is going so fast, where has 6 months gone
2. OMG Only 6 and a half months to Christmas, yayy ! 

Hahaha ! And that is some major insight into how my mind works 

But seriously, i can't believe it's already so far though the year, i have accomplished alot but still have so much more i want to do before the year is out ? For me things slow down in winter, i feel so in my element when the weather cools down that all i want to do is just enjoy it ! This usually means weekends full of slow cooking, reading, snuggling with my dogs, coffee and blogging ! 

In amongst that, the '6 month mark' has also lead me to re-evaluate the goals i wanted to achieve this year, i've decided to break them up into small monthly milestones, and for the month of June i choose: 

- to drink 3 litres of water each day 
- to stick to a daily skin care routine 
- to organise our study
- to fix up our front garden / porch 

To keep me accountable (because that seems to work for me) i have some inspirational photos of the garden i want to achieve

Garden :

All photos from Pinterest

Hopefully by breaking it down into small monthly goals i can achieve everything i want to for June 
What are some of your goals this month ? I already have big plans for July 



  1. I so struggle with the 3 litres a day but I try to give it a good crack!

  2. 6 and a half to Christmas woohoo! 3 litres wow, I couldn't do that much!

  3. I struggle with the 3 litres a day too! Good luck with the garden, those pics are lovely.