New Direction

Truth be told
I want to be a fashion blogger 

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Once i get a better handle on taking (& posing) for photos, you'll see more outfit posts 
I love dressing up & accessorizing, can't wait to share 

love xx

3 Things...

I always carry in my purse 


1. Lip Stain / Tint i LOVE this as i dont have to maintain it during my day
2. Pressed Powder i feel like I'm always reaching for this, so practical
3. Concealer perfect to make me feel fresh & awake

Organised Life

My favorite thing to do at Home is spend time with M. 

When we're together, just chilling, I'm not really worried about what the house looks like, but any homeowner/renter will agree that it doesn't take very long for things to get a little messy and unkempt ! 

I happen to love organising ! My wardrobe is my favorite place to just spend time in, hanging things and folding everything nicely...i really enjoy ironing and doing laundry, it makes me happy to see the clothes i've invested a lot of money into being worn, clean and stored well ! 

Other areas of the house require attention too, so in my quest to get everything 'sorted' i've looked to the internet for ideas and inspiration 

1. The Bathroom


Bathroom organisation has a habit of being quiet plain, white drawer organisers or a boring toothbrush cup ! I love these ideas that are colourful and practical, i especially love the idea of the cake stand as its super easy to access, i like my home to be organised and livable 

2. The Kitchen 

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I am addicted to tea ! In winter, even more so, which makes me lust for a gorgeous tea chest to store all my varieties in. I've seen one really similar in Hot Dollar (of all places) ! Dollar stores are wonderful for storage containers, alot of them stock 'made in japan' ranges that tend to be way more durable ! I'd like to personalise all of mine with labels like the ones in the second picture 

3. The Wardrobe 

Photobucket Photobucketll

Oh my gosh ! To have that shoe cabinet ! I love the lighting & the storage strip down the middle, at the moment my shoes are on the floor under the bottom rail in my wardrobe but i'm looking for a better way of storing them, its nice to be able to see them so i don't forget about them ! In my wardrobe i have all my clothes on the same hangers, except for clip hangers, it's so easy to see what you're after when everything hangs from the same height. Ever since reading 'Style' by Lauren Conrad I've been using huggable hangers & they're the best hangers i've ever had ! M has a set in black & mine are pink, they can be seen here 

4. Jewelry

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How pretty is your jewelry ? It's the best thing to use for psuedo art & as a display in your bedroom or wherever you keep it. I have made myself a jewelry photo frame & i also display it on a jewelry tree and in little vintage dishes on my vanity. For larger items (like watches & cuffs) i think trays would hold everything great, especially if you keep items in their original boxes

5. The Study 

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When we bought our house the second bedroom was a nursery, at this stage in my life i don't really have a use for it so it's going to become a study! The walls are already green (which is really soothing on the eyes) & we have a printer and filing cabinet, all we need is a desk & some sort of shelving unit, nothing makes you work easier than an organised space to do it ! 

5. Life 
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How clean is your handbag ? Mine is pretty good but i know there are things in there that don't need to be ! I love watching 'what's in my bag' videos & would love to do my own blog post on mine, i find it so interesting to see what other girls carry around. This bag is super organised & cute ! Before next weeks shop M & i are going to trial a 'meal plan', i hear its life saving & because we both work full time will probably save alot of time & wastage. Will let you know how that goes 

Hopes you've enjoyed reading my plans to create an organised life, i'd love to hear some of your tips !! I'll keep you updated 

All the photos are credited to the original uploaders on, to see the original photos & their links please visit my pinterest page & look on the 'organised life' board

Love xx

Award Winning

Hey you guys !!

So for the first time in my short blogging life, i have been awarded 'The Versatile Blogger' !!
How exciting :) I LOVE tags like this, it's such a cute way to get to know people in the blogosphere.


1. Add the Versatile Award photo on a blog post2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post. A MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO  HAPPYEVERAFTERBRIDE THANKS FOR PICKING ME <3 3. Share 7 things about yourself. 4. Nominate 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly for the Versatile Blogger Award. 5. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.
7 fun facts about moi !! 
1 - I am a vegetarian (for moral reasons)
2 - I have a burn on my chest from falling against a fire when i was little 
3 - I LOVE going out for breakfast
4 - I used to be a massive fan girl for Jesse McCartney / Zac Efron when i was younger, so i totally feel for the 'directioners'
5 - I have names in mind already for my future pets & children 
6 - I enjoy ironing more than normal people
7 - People ALWAYS ask me where my accent is from. The funny thing is i've only ever lived in australia & both my parents are of British/Australian heritae

Happy Ever After Bride's Questions:
1. What is your song?
'Forever Young' by The Youth Group 
2. What must you pack with you when going away for the weekend?
Uhmm Fiji water, loads of snacks, a cardigan & a playlist for the car
3. Best Pickup line you've ever heard?
'You know, i can hold my breath for 20 minutes'
4. What's your Favourite Indulgence and does your partner know about it?
MAC makeup, LUSH soaps & collectable Barbie dolls, they're on display & all through  the bathroom so he definitely knows about it 
5. So you're in the final rounds of a beauty pageant and you are asked, "If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?" What would you say?
Simple, more love !
6. If you had to bring a dish to a dinner party and you really want to impress, what would you make to bring?
I'm still experimenting with recipes & finding my favorites, but i would take my signature cheesy tex mex rice & red velvet cupcakes
7. What one beauty tip do you swear by and will pass on?
Eye cream !! Use it
8. How old were you when you found out where babies came from?
About 11 ? I remember being shocked, but amazed 
9. Which is your favourite spot in the house?
Sitting on our rug in the front room, overlooking the garden, i'm a floor person
10. Best Party you've ever attended?
M's surprise graduation party last year 
11. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?
1. Perfect health for all my family & friends  2. An end to poverty  3. More confidence

So i was all ready to tag my favorite bloggers, but they're all participating already lol Maybe i'm a little late to this party ?

Anyway, if you read my blog & are keen to participate PLEASE take this as an invitation, i would love to know more about my readers !!

Can't wait to hear from you 

love x

Kenneth Cole

Oh my...
I'm very much in love 

Recently the Michael Kors 'rose gold' watches have caught my eye but his one has stolen my heat ! I can't even explain why i like it so much but i just do 

Thoughts ?? 

Photos from our Home

It has been almost a month since I last blogged, this is due in most part to my lack of internet, but more on that later

I wanted to share with you some photos from our new home.
It’s such an exciting time, I feel like I have just have a baby or something  & everyone is keen to see it !! Lots of people have contacted me asking how the move went & what the new place was like, I thought it would be easier to post these photos & give you some insight to how we’re travelling 

Let's begin with some pretty things from around our home ! These beautiful yellow lily's were bought by M, apparently they only cost $4.99 from Aldi, who knew you could even get flowers from there !! The pink roses are from our neighbor, she is a little old lady who has a community garden & always gives me roses from there, they smell lovely too ! We're really lucky to have such nice people around us :) I love having 'fresh' things in our home, fresh fruit, flowers & our fish !! These little guys are so happy & constantly swimming around, their tank is a Fluval Chi which doubles as a water feature because the filter runs through the top & creates a trickling sound over the rocks. It is such a relaxing sound & watching the fish is soothing too. Just like Nigella's cooking mmmmmhm 

Some more pretty things ! I adore these plastic tumblers from Costco, they were cheap but are so cute !! Especially when M has 'the boys' over...if they get tipsy or a bit over zealous when playing Xbox they can't break 'em, which is a benefit !! In the middle picture is one of my jewelry drawers, we have the Hemnes 8-draw unit in White Gloss from Ikea in our bedroom, it's so pretty & handy !! I love it when storage & aesthtics combine :) To continue our foray into prettiness, these apothocary jars are for our bathroom (once it's renovated) I'm planning on putting cotton eye makeup removal pads in the tall one & bath bombs in the curvy one (lush haul pleassssse) 

If your boyfriend wants to buy Lakers coloured towels, just say NO !! They result in purple fluff everywhere, like in ever single place !! Something that doesn't attract mess is our beautiful Hemnes bookcase ! We've been using it as a place to display things as well as store books, see if you can spot my very favorite book :) Ohhh and thats my Babushka carafe, i love love love it !! I almost look forward to getting thirsty during the night, just so i can use it 

We've been doing so much DIY work lately, just a tip for when building Ikea furniture YOU MUST BE ANAL, hahahaha !! It's actually pretty easy to build their stuff, we also redid our wardrobe. On the first weekend after we moved in M went to get a hoodie & noticed the whole rail had fallen down !! Kind of a problem, so we went to our new favorite shop Masters & bought a whole new interior for like $120...i'm planning on a blog post to detail their awesome range ! Anyway, as you can see our closet is now all organised & lovely !!

Lastly, this is our spare room / study, its a bit fugly at the moment but i have big plans to organise it this long weekend !! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, i cant wait to show you more & more of our house as it comes together 
Peace xx