my *slightly* lucky day

Today i got 3 free Nivea samples at the train station
Then i found $2 on the ground
After that my boss left a Lindt ball on my keyboard

This afternoon i was browsing the Coles catalogue (my go-to supermarket) & found out M&M's are HALF PRICE this week !!! Excellent news considering they feature in the cookies i am making for our roadtrip this weekend & the recipe i am taking to a kitchen tea next weekend

Love it when things just 'work'. Hopefully if you read this post my luck will be contageous & rub off on you <3

the first sandals OF THE SEASON !

Ok so i know its not *technically* spring until Thursday BUT i couldn't help breaking out the sandals today, due to it being a fabulous 22c in Sydney today (silent victory)

These are a brand called 'qupid' & i bought them in Hawaii at Charlotte Russe !
I ADORE these shoes, i think cause they're so minimalist & also comfy & different
My toenails are painted in 'Ali's big break' part of the burlesque range by OPI

My 'Annie' sunglasses by Karen Walker also featured as part of todays salute to spring, although i did wear these on sunny days in winter they're quintessentially a spring/summer staple

These bad boys are sold out worldwide & like 15x over, due to the notoriety of the style caused by Miss Lauren Conrad (aka my fashion muse) wearing them in like every photo taken circa 2009

Framed Bags - an amazing design idea

Ok, so wow !
I saw this photo (below) on The Wifey Chronicles, her blog is ah-may-zing, & she seems to really have a knack for designing beautiful spaces !
Basically, you use a whole bunch of different sized designer bags & frame them as a photo feature ! I cant get over how good it looks & its a win-win, as a beautiful way to declutter all my saved bags !

Next year when i (finally) make the 'big move' with M, i am definitely going to attempt this...How do you think it would look if i used dust bags aswell ?

Blue Smudge

Every morning, usually on the train, i notice a blue smudge on my hand...

Its because i sharpen my eyeliner pencil (and i happen to be using blue at the moment) before i use it & rub it on my hand before putting it on my eye, its sharp ya know ?

I just wanted to share it with you cause its there every morning ! i always wash my hands during applying make-up & after but this smudge seems to be strong wearing

Now i'm off to wash my hands...again

How hard is it to pick up a cake ?

Ok, dear followers...i dont want to do this to you, i really dont

BUT i need to vent ! If you're not into listening to other people problems, look away now cause mine are not only annoying they're also petty

Anyway, you've been warned...lets begin;

So yesterday my supervisor asked me to pick up the monthly birthday cakes on the way to work, no problem i said ! Got to the cake shop this morning, wasnt there, tried the other cake shop on level freaking 5, still wasnt there so i called my supervisor...turns out the girl who ordered them had ordered them the cake shop i was asking in but in a COMPLETELY different shopping centre !! Like come on ? Why do that ? And why not tell me ? Like i enjoy running around in the morning searching for cakes ? Whatever...i got over it, until i got to work.

Picture Anne Hathaway in 'The Devil Wears Prada', when she is rushing around trying to get Miranda's coffee, or boogy boards for the twins. Thats what i looked like, plus cake.

When i got there, my 'friend' had volunteered to go find me, as though i was a lost little girl out wondering in the world, the same friend who was supposed to help me get them in the first place!? Everyone was asking me if i was ok & if the cakes had been hard to carry & so on ? I just found it so irritating, reading this back it sounds so so immature, i think because i constantly deal with it that it bothers me more

So yea, pertaining to the title of this post, its rather hard to pick up a cake

Errrgh ! i need a drink when i get home, hopefully i will get over my sensitivities !

if i break my ankle

Something i have wanted for a while...

A Christian Louboutin Riviera Clutch in Nude

I want it so bad :( i have been looking (online) for one for ages but can only find the black, python & trash version...i want none of those

The Royal Blue is pretty too, reminds me of something the Dutchess of Cambridge would carry

i wouldn't mind one of each, but there is the matter of saving for a house thats preventing me from even getting one

*sigh* a girl can dream

So...Soundwave Revolution got cancelled

You may have heard of Soundwave & its spin off, Soundwave Revolution...
Well today it got cancelled (mega rage !)

My 'too be' Lineup was:
* Panic ! at the Disco
* Hole
* The Used
* Sum 41
* Yellowcard
* Dashboard Confessional
* Set Your Goals
* Hellogoodbye &
* The Pretty Reckless

I am bummed, totally, but not so much for the selfish reason that i no longer get to see these bands i was looking forward to, but because i had M's (my boyfriends) birthday present planned around this concert

He was so pumped to go, but didn't (doesn't) realise i was getting him tickets as a gift
Poor M

Now i have less than 2 weeks to come up with an ah-mazing 23rd birthday present ?
Any ideas ?

a few things i picked up this week

Ok, so i am saving for a house deposit
Honestly i am !

It's just that transferring a huge amount of $$ into savings makes me want to spend a little
so i bought a few things, not alot but just enough to satisfy...

This was one of the first purchases

I bought it on my lunch break on Thursday, its a genie lamp
Totally cute ! & in my defense a decorative item for our soon to be bathroom

you so shiny !

until said bathroom is in our possession, its living on my book shelf

i also bought a new mascara, i was in desperate need & its amazing how boss a fresh, juicy new mascara can make a girl feel !!
also picked up a glass nail file (for $1)

Check out that brush, bristles & a comb! Now thats living !

i bought a big bag of clothes from Temt, its the best shop for basics !

that pink thing ^^ is a mini skirt, cant wait to wear it tehehehe

We went to homebush bay DFO on Saturday to get some business shirts for M, i bought 2 cardigans for a whopping $40 combined total, seeing as its (practically) spring i thought i should stock up <3

My favorite purchase of the week & my first piece of Disney Couture jewellery, this is the 'When you wish upon a star / Your dreams come true' bangle for the Pinnochio collection

'Love Disney Couture'

i love the dangly star & the fact it has a clip & a clasp ! nothing worse than feeling like its going to fall from your wrist

A jeweler near work was having a 30% off sale, which brought this bangle down to $42
I've been eying it off for a while now & since wearing it i have had like 3 compliments about it, a worthy investment indeed

Pretty packaging

Servo LCM bar, set me back 25c & tasted surprisingly good !!

These are floating candles from Trade Secret, they smell ah-may-zing ! For only $1.95, the scent payoff is brilliant

i pulled a bit of a dodgy, the top 2 were hazlenut praline scented which i combined from another busted open packet !! Is that really bad ?

Believe' by Britney Spears, a present given to me by M on Saturday in celebration of 16 months together
Boys can be so cute <3

cute little love heart / signature

This perfume smells amazing, i love all of Brit's fragrances but this one is the best !
If you've ever smelt the soap 'Honey, i washed the kids' from Lush, well thats what 'Believe' smells like, except with the addition of florals ! Yum

Salt & Pepper champagne flutes for our soon to be kitchen (there is a trend going here lol)

4 for $5.03, 2 are missing, but for that price i couldnt say no

So thats a recap of the things i bought this weekend, i doubt i'll have the same size 'haul' next week, saving sucks but the idea of moving out into my own little sanctuary doesn't !

If you're saving for a house/car/holiday/whatever HANG IN THERE ! It's so worth it in the end & have a little splurge now & again to keep sane lol