Lifestyle Overhaul - Stepping Away from the Bakery Case

I love tea ! It's one of my favorite things to drink
For as long as i have loved tea, i have also loved biscuits ! My grandma always said 'there are not alot of things that a cup of tea and a biscuit can't fix', and really was a truer word even spoken ? 

Too many of these !

6 simple ways to not feel cheap, whilst actually saving money

After getting back from our amazing Honeymoon to the USA & Mexico, i really began to thing about the things i need to do this year to stay financially fit & inevitably be able to afford another amazing holiday like that ! 

We could all just start fashioning underwear from our old worn out tshirts or washing paper towels for a second use, but i kinda want to enjoy my life at the same time. So instead you'll find below 6 life-friendly tips on saving money (by way of stopping you from spending it in the first place)...