August Goals Update

Hello, it's me again

How have you been. It sure has been a while.
I wish i didn't start so many posts like this, boo me
Anyway,  i'm nothing if not positive, so tonight i finally got the chance to sit down and reassess my month goals

Here is how i went with my August list...

1.  Declutter 
We're slowly getting through everything ! I like to work in 'pockets' so it's not overwhelming. On the last weekend of August, whilst it was sunny i opened the back door, popped some music on and cleaned up this bothersome spot. I still have alot to go (hello, spare room) but just cleaning up one spot has already made me feel so much lighter 

2016 - the good the bad & the 'to do' in 2017

Hello everyone, 
it has been a long time since my last post, but i couldn't miss the opportunity to do my yearly recap post. 

I've noticed there has been alot of chatter on social media and in meme's about how crap 2016 was & i have to agree that when it comes to years, i've had better! 

All in all it wasn't a terrible year, we didnt loose any family members and there were definitely some amazing parts.

There is alot that i want to acheive in 2017, for now though here's my recap of 2016 

My Perfect Day (in 2021)

Since starting my new job in July, i've been #blessed to really get to know my co-workers and bosses. I've discovered, they're all really awesome, uplifting and driven people

So we got talking recently about what we want our futures to look like – both in our careers and personal lives. We’ve listed the places we all want to travel, where we want to live, whether or not we want to get married, have kids, etc. And I started really visualising my future 

Beautiful Tahiti from our visit in 2013 

30 Before 30 - Update 3

You may remember my original post here where i started my list or maybe you've read my updates here and here! That last update was in April, and the original post was 2 years ago, lots has changed since then

Whoa! Can't quite believe how quick time if passing...
Here is my {updated} list of 30 things i want to do before I hit the big 3-0

August Goals

Hello lovely blog reader...