When other people's issues become you own...


Wedding planning is stressing me the eff out !

I hate swearing, my grandma always said to me 'ladies never swear' but honestly, i think ladies do swear ! I think some of the best ladies out there are partial to dropping the odd 'F' bomb when it's called for

The reason for my swearing in this instance is that 2 couples in our bridal party are separating (1 divorcing, 1 ending a 5 year relationship)

I am heart broken for the fact that my friends are so unhappy, it really devastates me whenever a relationship close to me ends, its even more upsetting to wonder how long they were unhappy for before things ended.

I am heart broken for the fact that the wedding party i had envisioned, the plan in my head with all our close friends is now never going to be a reality. I'm a bit all over the place at the moment, bouncing between thoughts of being upset for myself & M as well as thoughts of being upset for how our friends must be feeling. Then i have pangs of guilt for thinking about myself in amongst everyone else's misery !

Right now my head is all over the place
I wish i had happier stories to tell :)

Asos ! My very first order

So, i may be a leettle behind the times, but tonight i ordered my very first order off Asos !

I headed over there looking for a pretty but winter-appropriate dress for a 21st we're going to in about a months time

These are the dresses i ended up buying, for a grand total of $62.74 including postage

                               ($27.45)                                                    ($35.29)

The dress on the left has a full 'skater' style skirt & let me tell you, dresses in that cut have a super flattering effect on people, like me, who choose to eat oreo's for breakfast
I love how the dress is tight where your waist is & then flares out & (flatteringly) over the areas where you need help 

The dress on the right is a tighter more slimline style & may not be something i can wear until i kick the aforementioned habit ! It's a super pretty colour & as i am addicted to wearing black tights under everything, it should work well 

Postage was free :) and seems like it will be pretty fast too ! 
I ordered these pretties at 7:50pm & got an email just now (10:42) saying it has been dispatched

Well done Asos ! 

Have you ever ordered from Asos ?
Do you have any treasured pieces ?