Life has been rather hectic !

I feel like this year just will NOT slow down
How is it June already, and not just June...the very last week of June !
My beginning to 2014 was supercharged to say the least;

- we planned our engagement party for the end of January (this got pushed back to march as the venue was not ready in time & would have only had 40 chairs available for our 100+ guests)
- we viewed about 8+ wedding reception venues & more or less hated them all

- i had my birthday in February

- we both applied for new jobs in early March, which were located 5+ hours away. This meant a fair bit of driving back & forth to interviews & home inspections
- we re-planned our engagement party, which went pretty smoothly on March 15th
- we never heard back about the jobs we applied for & so applied for more new jobs

- we decided to buy an investment property

- we booked a venue for our ceremony (yay !) & kept looking for reception places

- we helped out with our brother & sister in-laws engagement, which we are both in the bridal party for (squee !)
 - we settled on our investment property
 - we visited the property & spent 3 days doing a 'spring clean'
 - i began applying for another new job

Phew & that brings us to today !
Seriously, even writing this is tiring ! i feel like i'm getting swept up in the day-to-day happenings so it's important to reflect on what we have achieved!

Which brings me to my list of things i wanted to achieve from this year, you may remember this  post about how i wanted 2014 to pan out, to break it down for you, in 2014 i wanted to:
 - loose another 4 kilos - fail ! I have gained about 4 rather than lost 
 - keep eating clean(ish) - another fail ! I bounce between weeks of clean & weeks of 'omg did i really eat a whole box of oreos 
 - blog at least every second day - mega fail ! This one makes me sad 
 - have an amazing engagement party - sort of ! I had really high expectations for our party & it was good but i focused on the wrong things, you can read more about that here (link to engagement post) 
- start saving money towards our wedding - yes we did ! - but then bought an investment poperty, oops ! 
- live in the moment & live the best life i can - yes ! I feel like out of everything this one is being acheived

So that is what has been keeping me busy (and away from blogging) i am SO looking forward to the next 6 months being a little less hectic

How have the first 6 months of your year been ?

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  1. You've certainly had a busy 6 months! Congrats on the investment property, that's a great win!