My Perfect Day (in 2021)

Since starting my new job in July, i've been #blessed to really get to know my co-workers and bosses. I've discovered, they're all really awesome, uplifting and driven people

So we got talking recently about what we want our futures to look like – both in our careers and personal lives. We’ve listed the places we all want to travel, where we want to live, whether or not we want to get married, have kids, etc. And I started really visualising my future 

Beautiful Tahiti from our visit in 2013 

30 Before 30 - Update 3

You may remember my original post here where i started my list or maybe you've read my updates here and here! That last update was in April, and the original post was 2 years ago, lots has changed since then

Whoa! Can't quite believe how quick time if passing...
Here is my {updated} list of 30 things i want to do before I hit the big 3-0

August Goals

Hello lovely blog reader...

For No Particular Reason

Today feels like it has some magic behind it. 
Do you ever feel like that, like there is so much on the horizon ? 

Bondi to Bronte Walk 

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30 before 30 - Update 2

You may remember my original post here where i started my list & my last update here ! That was in November, and lots has changed since then...

Here is my {updated} list of 30 things i want to do before I hit the big 3-0

Lifestyle Overhaul - Stepping Away from the Bakery Case

I love tea ! It's one of my favorite things to drink
For as long as i have loved tea, i have also loved biscuits ! My grandma always said 'there are not alot of things that a cup of tea and a biscuit can't fix', and really was a truer word even spoken ? 

Too many of these !

6 simple ways to not feel cheap, whilst actually saving money

After getting back from our amazing Honeymoon to the USA & Mexico, i really began to thing about the things i need to do this year to stay financially fit & inevitably be able to afford another amazing holiday like that ! 

We could all just start fashioning underwear from our old worn out tshirts or washing paper towels for a second use, but i kinda want to enjoy my life at the same time. So instead you'll find below 6 life-friendly tips on saving money (by way of stopping you from spending it in the first place)...

2015 - the good the bad & the 'to do' in 2016

Hello 2016, 
You have ALOT to live up to coming off the back of 2015, it was a pretty fantastic year !
I'm so grateful that this years 'good' far outweighs the 'bad' & those points that feature in the bad are not even all that terrible

I do have big plans for you 2016, be good to me ! 

Here's what i have to say 'bout  2 0 1 5