The OC

I have a little bit on an obsession...

If you've never watched the OC, let me give you a quick rundown

i watch all 4 seasons on the original dates they were aired, every year

i am a fan-girl by all stretchs of the definition

It began in 2004, when i was just a youngin'

I didnt watch it at first, but as soon as i did i was hooked

Sadly, it ended 4 years later in 2007, on my 19th birthday

I will never forget the OC, & i will continue to watch it & talk about it & pretend its still on TV lol

I plan on getting a signed cast photo

Cause thats just how i roll


dont judge too harshly

I just had to get that off my chest co now i can talk about it freely

Post Marissa - Circa 2007

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