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Valentine's Love

Happy super-duper delayed Valentines Day !!

You may have noticed that i've already posted this 'post' like 14 times !! Well i was having technical difficulties...i couldn't get the photos to display in a row, turns out i needed to use a table thingy, with spacing & the like.

So far, so good !! If anyone has any pro blogger tips, i would love to hear them
Enough of this HTML nerd fest, & onto the Valentines day photo-fest !!

My Valentines Day started after dinner on the 13th, i set about baking some 'conversation heart' cookies for M ! As he is a massive laker fan, i made them light purple with yellow piping, i used candy melts which are the greatest ! Except the yellow colour, i couldn't for the life of me get them to melt...they just went weird & crumbly ??

I though i was so sneaky !! I turned up at his house before work & hand delivered them, he was so surprised :) love making an impression like that
Have you ever noticed how cute boys are in the morning ? I think its because they look so innocent.

I stayed at M's for a little, we had some cereal together & a bit of a cuddle before work, when i was leaving i felt so i was the best valentine for pulling the 'surprise' card, i went straight to a morning meeting at work. As i was wondering back to the office after picking up the mail & oogling all the flowers at the florist, i wasn't really paying attention but on the end of my desk was an amazing bouquet of flowers !! My favorite flowers are lily's, my favorite colour is pink & M's favorite colour is yellow, for the arrangement he picked was a perfect reflection of us !

I was so surprised, M has given me flowers many times in the past, but never had them delivered ! I wasn't expecting it, but i loved it

Of course i called him straight away & said thankyou...he asked me which were my favorite flowers in the bouquet, i said 'none' !! Poor kid sounded a little sad, so i clarified telling him that the card was my favorite part, cause it honestly was

Boys can be so cute !!

Later than night M gave me my 'real' present, it was a laker jersey lol
I always whine that i don't have one & he has like 19, so he bought me a youth sized one, it's the closest to a perfect fit on me & i love it !! I wrapped his present in some lovely pink paper, complete with ribbon & stars !!

He had been hanging out for these laker DVD's (which were actually a fallback present when his proper V'day present didn't arrive from ye olde eBay in time)

When he turned up at my house, he brought with him noodle's !! A little bit of vegetarian Char Kiuw Chew is the way to my heart, they were so delicious. I had the best Valetine's Day, it really was a day i spent appreciating & celebrating the fantastic man i have in my life, for the past 2 years we have gone away for Valentine's but i'm glad we got to spend this year together, eating, laughing & watching TV, just relaxing & happy enjoying each others company !

^ Said noodles & my super witty Valentine's Card

That was my day/night !! Just incase no-one's asked you yet, how was your Valentine's day ??

love love

Our Story !

Valentine's Day ! I shall be seeing you tomorrow
I love the idea behind tomorrow, the thought that people all over the world are out there doing nice things for others, its such a sweet notion & definitely something i love celebrating
There are haters out there, but just because its super over commercialized doesn't mean you have to buy into that side of it, this year 2 of my presents for M are homemade & the third was bought in the post-christmas sales (proactive, i know)

Anyway I got the idea from this post from the brunette one & though doing it would give you guys a cute peak into my life !!

  1. How long have you and your significant other been together? We've been together for almost 2 years
  2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?} At a Halloween party in 2009! It was at an indie club in Sydney (Purple Sneakers, if you were wondering) & we met via mutual friends, i felt something as soon as i saw M (dressed as a devil) and we spoke for almost the whole night...just the two of us. We were both tipsy & as we were leaving the club he held out his hand to help me over the steps, that was the first time i thought he could be the one for me
  3. Name 3 things you love most about your partner? That he is thoughtful, that he is old-fashioned (sort of) & that he doesn't care what other people think
  4. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberries, champagne, and rose petals? He is an ''i'm going to do something romantic & creative that no-one else has ever though of' kind of guy
  5. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch? Sunset dinner on the beach for sure ! We love going for drives to the beach, especially at sunset <3 so romantic
  6. Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere? I would love to slow dance & actually know what i'm doing, like actual ballroom dancing style, that'd be really cute
  7. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine's Day. I'm taking him a cookie hamper in the morning ! Poor M is surrounded by girls at work who are always getting flowers delivered, so i thought i'd take him something so he feels included hehehe at night we're going to watch some of our favorite TV shows together with chinese takeaway...can't wait !

So, what will you be doing for Valentines Day ?

The wonder of Daiso

Yesterday M & i went for a drive to Chatswood !
If you're not from Sydney, Chatswood has 2 b-e-a-utiful shopping centre's & its quite close to the city, so pretty convenient

Whilst we were walking from one centre to the other we came across Daiso !!

I was a bit excited !
When i went to Hong Kong with my family in 2009 i remember spending ages in this shop !
Everything is $2.80 & everything is cute !!

M was a bit confused at first, but then we found some ankle braces & suddenly Daiso was a good idea, It's how boys roll ! He left me to wonder through all the beauty aisles & found some really random products, like an illuminated ear pick...righto ??

Anyway here are the things we bought, minus the ankle braces..

8 items, a grand total of $22.40

Eyelashes !! With glitter, I'm if your read this post you'd be thinking i definately did NOT need to purchase these
A business card holder, i get on average 1 card a day from suppliers & reps at work...i can never ever find them when i need them so this should be super handy !!

Plus i love the cute detail !

Transparent face powder, it has a little shimmer in it & to be honest if i hate it i wont feel to bad giving it away ! Considering it only cost $2.80

How cute is this oven mit !! So much kitchen stuff is neutral coloured, this will make a nice contrast

Here it is ^ in action hehehe
This is pretty self explanatory, it will be featuring in my valentines blog tomorrow !

A lint shaver ! OMG i cant be the only one who loves these things ?? They make clothes that have pilled look 100% brand new

Mhhhm this candle smells great & the jar it's in will be reusable ! Love it

Cotton swabs, a necessary for any makeup junkie !

Look at them all !!

Hehehehe i love Daiso, next time i want to buy a couple of there gorgeous cherry blossum style plates / bowls, they're made with such fine china & would look great with sushi or miso in them

Love <3

February 6th: Dinner

Today i had a bowl of pasta !!
I love carbs, its no secret & nor will i stop loving them

I put a sprinkle of parmesan, cracked black pepper & a scrape of butter, is butter a carb (lol)
It tasted so good :) the rest of the fam had Bolognese but blergh ! i cant stomach mince, plus i am a veggo, so no deal. I have heard my mum's is delicious though

Pro effort

The anticipation of leaving

In less than 4 weeks i'll be moving out of home !

It scares me to even THINK that let alone do it, but i'm moving in with my best friend & boyfriend of (almost) 2 years, M !!

It's going to rock ! We get along so well...he likes the smell of my candles & i like the sound of his NBA games <3 it just works . What bothers me is not whether or not we're compatible, but whether or not i will miss my home

I'm super sentimental, i still have my shirt from year 12 camp, i just had one of the best weeks of my life there so i find it hard to just 'discard' that memory...hence why i'm keeping the shirt

I'm so ready to have my own space though, which means i'll be fine right ?
I will be....

i'm also loosing my s**t about packing. Everything we have in new so it doesn't really have to be boxed up, but i need it in order, at the moment its all stored in my brother rooms

Everything is boxed up or still in its original box, the only stuff i have successfully organised, labeled and set aside is the christmas stuff we bought at this years boxing day sales
read: i adore christmas

Le Sigh, i posted on the Vogue Forums about my packing dillema & the feeling of forgetting stuff, i'm overwhelmed at the moment but the ladies on there are beyond helpful, they the best

Just the thought of moving all the books, all the electricals, all the dvd's, all the furniture, all the clothes, all the kitchen wear is making me nervous !! thats just the small things

Anyway I'm in one of those moods when i need a little reassurance, as a reader you can tell by the overzealous punctuation & the multitude of paragraphs hahaha

This basket case is off to watch Pretty Little Liars with a cup of sleppytime tea

Thanks for reading my ramblings

Feb 5: 10am

At 10am today i was on the way to one of my closest friends baby showers
My odometer was at 88888, which i thought was cool

Unfortunately, the next time i hopped in my car the 'emissions light' came on (who knows what that means) and so she's going in for a service tomorrow

Sigh, cars are a money pit !!

Feb 4: a stranger

On Friday night i finished my week of training in North Sydney (yay!)
M came to pick me up & took me out to dinner, we had Din Tai Fung it was so good ! Definitely worth the hype, after that we went & got gelato, won some cash on the pokies & bought my mum a passionfruit tart from Adriano was a lovely night.

M is so thoughful, that would be the perfect adjective to describe him, he bought me an umbrella cause it started raining & i had forgotten to bring one. I asked him if i got any other presents on this date...he said no & laughed

So until then, this baby will be a stanger to me :)

Feb 3: Hands

This is my right hand

The black smudges are because i am using the worst eyeliner EVER !!
It's Rimmel Soft Kohl in Black, which appears to be awesome, until you sharpen it. No matter how hard i tried i could NOT get it to a point, it crumbled way too often & after like 3 days it was half way gone

The nail polish is 'Gossip Girl' by Gelish, which i love !! The colour doesn't show well in this photo at all, in reality it's more of a soft raspberry. The ring i'm wearing was bought off a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2010, it's a trilliant cut tanzanite with diamonds & i adore it

I took this photo in my hotel bathroom, hence the icky vanity

Feb 2: Words

For the past week I have been getting a coffee every morning, it's really hard to sit in front of a computer ALL day and learn. It's one thing to sit there and just be on auto pilot, doing the same tasks day in day out without a great amount of thought, but actually thinking & using your brain is HARD WORK !!

Anyway, in regards to todays photo, I get a regular soy latte with a hazelnut shot from a cute cafe right near the hotel. The best thing about this hotel is that everyone who works there has a French accent :) makes the coffee seem more legit & it tastes great too

Feb 1: Your View

Blergh !!

So I am currently living in North Sydney for work. Thankfully I get to go home on Friday, which could not come early enough as I miss M like crazy & the food here is not agreeing with me

I feel sooooo bloated I have been living off of room service meals, which let me tell you, the variety runs out really quickly !!

Also come 5:30pm this place shuts down ! There is no nightlife & the only place people get slightly rowdy is the hotel bar & by rowdy I mean business men playing angry birds on iPads lol

Who am I kidding ? I'm not looking for rowdy but rather relaxation !! That's not in abundance here either, the water pressure is depressing to say the least...enough of my first world problems, enjoy the view

North Sydney skyline from my hotel room