Wardrobe Inspiration

I don't know about you, but recently i have been all kinds of obsessed with wardrobe organisation ! 
Perhaps because it's spring or maybe just because i have watched like 1,000,000 youtube videos about it. The latest was this one by Allthatglitters21 

I literally sit at my computer & drool over wardrobe organisation like this !! 

I decided it was time to overhaul our bedroom wardrobes (master bedroom & spare) 
I keep the boring stuff (pj's, socks, knickers etc) in a white Hemnes Chest of 8 Drawers from none other than Ikea !! The rest of my stuff is stored like this... 

When we first moved in we hung our clothes on the single flimsy rod, only to have them all fall off about 15 minutes later 

M striped the inside of both closets, including the shelf, & repainted them with a scented pearl-based paint which really helped make it brighter.

This is what we replaced the guest wardrobe with ! Do you like it ?? 
Ahhh i love it & am so happy with the end result. M did a freaking fantastic job 
Our bedroom wardrobe is 2 hanging rails & 2 shelves for maximum storage

& If you're a creeper like me who enjoys looking at other people's wardrobes, the next bunch of photos are for you 

I love folded stuff !! 

Huggable Hangers are the bomb.com

Makeup storage courtesy of Officeworks 

Tidy tidy !