Lifes little luxuries

This is a post i've been wanting to do for a while now !
I guess its a bit of a habit i want to start

Not long ago on the Vogue forums i was reading a thread of a similar name where girls were writing about little things around their home / office that bring a bit of luxury to everyday ! It's such a great idea, it really made me appreciate how many beautiful things we come into contact with daily !

Each Sunday i'm planning to put up a post about the little things from my week that made life just a little bit sweeter !

The photos below are a mash up of things from the past few weeks but from here on out i'm going to be doing it each Sunday based on photos from the week before :)

L. a delicious country chicken pie we made for dinner one night, notice my failed 'arrows'
R. really really enjoying these decadent chocolate chip cookies, sigh clean eating starts tomorrow 

 L. my new favorite celestial seasonings tea
R. super yummy beef stroganoff made in my new slow cooker

L. a beautiful rose given to me from our ceremony venue
R. a new burger place we ate at with mason jar lights & hanging baskets ! Cute 

Hope you guys enjoy !

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