a few things i picked up this week

Ok, so i am saving for a house deposit
Honestly i am !

It's just that transferring a huge amount of $$ into savings makes me want to spend a little
so i bought a few things, not alot but just enough to satisfy...

This was one of the first purchases

I bought it on my lunch break on Thursday, its a genie lamp
Totally cute ! & in my defense a decorative item for our soon to be bathroom

you so shiny !

until said bathroom is in our possession, its living on my book shelf

i also bought a new mascara, i was in desperate need & its amazing how boss a fresh, juicy new mascara can make a girl feel !!
also picked up a glass nail file (for $1)

Check out that brush, bristles & a comb! Now thats living !

i bought a big bag of clothes from Temt, its the best shop for basics !

that pink thing ^^ is a mini skirt, cant wait to wear it tehehehe

We went to homebush bay DFO on Saturday to get some business shirts for M, i bought 2 cardigans for a whopping $40 combined total, seeing as its (practically) spring i thought i should stock up <3

My favorite purchase of the week & my first piece of Disney Couture jewellery, this is the 'When you wish upon a star / Your dreams come true' bangle for the Pinnochio collection

'Love Disney Couture'

i love the dangly star & the fact it has a clip & a clasp ! nothing worse than feeling like its going to fall from your wrist

A jeweler near work was having a 30% off sale, which brought this bangle down to $42
I've been eying it off for a while now & since wearing it i have had like 3 compliments about it, a worthy investment indeed

Pretty packaging

Servo LCM bar, set me back 25c & tasted surprisingly good !!

These are floating candles from Trade Secret, they smell ah-may-zing ! For only $1.95, the scent payoff is brilliant

i pulled a bit of a dodgy, the top 2 were hazlenut praline scented which i combined from another busted open packet !! Is that really bad ?

Believe' by Britney Spears, a present given to me by M on Saturday in celebration of 16 months together
Boys can be so cute <3

cute little love heart / signature

This perfume smells amazing, i love all of Brit's fragrances but this one is the best !
If you've ever smelt the soap 'Honey, i washed the kids' from Lush, well thats what 'Believe' smells like, except with the addition of florals ! Yum

Salt & Pepper champagne flutes for our soon to be kitchen (there is a trend going here lol)

4 for $5.03, 2 are missing, but for that price i couldnt say no

So thats a recap of the things i bought this weekend, i doubt i'll have the same size 'haul' next week, saving sucks but the idea of moving out into my own little sanctuary doesn't !

If you're saving for a house/car/holiday/whatever HANG IN THERE ! It's so worth it in the end & have a little splurge now & again to keep sane lol

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  1. I love your disney couture bangle and for such a bargain too!!