A 1200 calorie diet

For the last 6+ months i've been trying to shift the last 5 kilos of unwanted weight i have left ! I have come close to moving it, really close...but at the end of the day a busy working / home life takes over & i end up right back where i started. 

I think for me, i rely too heavily on food emotionally. For instance, if i'm having a bad day at work, a busy week or things just aren't going my way i will instinctively reach for chocolates or chips. It's a very bad habit & totally NOT helping me reach my fitness goals 

So i started doing a little research, i had heard great things about Michelle Bridges 12 WBT (but i feel kinda ripped off spending money on loosing weight) As i was perusing her website i found this article promoting the benefits of a 1200 calorie diet. 
That's what i decided i would try to help me shift this last bit of weight, along with walking & 3L of water a day.

My plan is to eat: 
- 300 calories at breakfast 
- 300 calories at lunch 
- 300 calories at dinner 
- 150 calorie snacks (twice a day)

The first recipe i'm going to make is this ! Honey toasted oats for breakfast
I HATE raisins, sultana's, currants...any icky dried up old grape thing makes me dry wretch ! 
I really don't like them 

So i want to make this fruit free muesli i saw on the blog Two Spoons
Rather than sesame seeds i'm going with Chia & i thought i would add some raw hazelnuts too !

Image Credit : Two Spoons

Would you guys like to see some more recipes / ideas / food photos ? 
I'm never sure if that interests people or bores them ?