Inspiration from Nigella

I love Nigella
I LOVE Nigella

She is gorgeous and makes great food, looking so happy doing it !!
My parents bought me 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' last christmas
So this year I plan on making her 'Christmas Morning Muffin's' on, well, Christmas morning !

Hopefully it'll become one of my Christmas traditions...

decluttering like a mofo

It started in the bathroom
Then i was overcome with the need to de-clutter/clean/re-arrange & 'streamline' all thing !

So, below are some examples of my handiwork

TMI ? ^^

Presenting, the eyelash draw <3

Is it just me, or do MAC palettes get crazy stained with finger prints ?

What i keep it all in, so pretty

oh my ! the absolute serenity of a room without clutter