A (not-so-well-earned) Break

So i have decided to take a break from my recently neglected blog...
How crazy does that sound ? Really, looking from the outside, a break is the last thing i need

Let me break it down for you
I procrastinate from blogging. Almost like it is a chore, an untouched assignment or a rail of overly-crinkled ironing

Lately my internal monolgue has followed along the lines of 'OMG quick take a photo of that, no don't have a bite first. Damn, now its ruined...oh well i guess i'll put off that what i did this weekend post until next weekend' I make thinly veiled excuses, to myself, about why i havent written a post in just over a month.

I have decided, however, on a plan of action, no longer will posting be a willy nilly habit, but rather something i look forward to & feel inspired about ! I really want this blog to flourish ! I want all my ideas & flat-lays to play out on these pages (screens?)

So, until April i will be on hiatus ! I have big plans :)

Thanks for sticking with me :)

1 comment

  1. Takes the fun out of it when it becomes something you feel like you have to do, I find. Hopefully hear from you again soon!