The other weekend we went to the new Ikea store at Tempe (Sydney).
We were mainly looking for some livingroom furniture, in chocolate brown

The new store is soooo huge, so 'shiny' & so new
I went with M, my parents & my sister
Everyone goes nuts for the meatballs there, i love them too but am a vegetarian so i had chips & gravy instead (very vegetarian) After eating, we began searching !
Have you ever noticed how many pregnant people there are at Ikea ?
It's so cute, because the children's range is super fun !

Anyway we tested out alot of couches & tried to visualise them in our new house, in the end we bought 4 items from the Hemnes collection

Hemnes TV Stand
Hemnes Tv Stand (with a Tv on it, our Tv is way cuter)
Hemnes Coffee Table

Hemnes Bookcase

We also bought a matching shelf, but there weren't any picture on the website...so try to visualise hehehe now i'm so excited to build all the furniture and style it with our own personal touches, like books, photos, trinkets & candles.
Some of the other things we bought were glass christmas ornaments, snowflake glasses, an ironing board & some straws

It's very easy to wander around in Ikea & pick up a trolley load of 'must haves', there were a few things i forgot to get (i.e. latte glasses, salad bowls & lighting strips) luckily when we were shopping at Ikea, they had a free giftcard promotion, so i have an excuse to go back for all the things i forgot and probably more

So excited for more homewares !! i wonder, is this what's called nesting ?


  1. I love Ikea too, its so addictive! We've got heaps of stuff from there, the study is practically decked out with one of their ranges, we've sets of drawers in the bedroom and tables in the lounge. In bout six months our kitchen it probably going to be re done with one of their designs. Love the new tempe ikea, its layout of ideas is sooo much better than the homebush one. Its awesum, I have to be dragged away from things cause i'd end up with a trolley full of stuff that i don't need.. hahah.

  2. I looooveee Ikea and the Hemnes is my absolute favourite

  3. I love IKEA.
    We have a white 5x5 expedit and we love it too death.
    I'm planning to go there this week to get some storage organising ideas for "stuff" eg meds and make-up etc

  4. Gorgeous items! I love Ikea! The last time I went I ended up buying some random things like german desserts scented candles hehe. I love their food court too, so awesome!

  5. I love the Hemnes range! It's one of my favourites!
    I'm still yet to make it out to Tempe. So jealous!

  6. Ikea is terribly addictive. Made a visit on the weekend (Richmond) to get some extra photo frames myself. It's great that you can always find stuff to match what you already own :-)

  7. You have just given me some fantastic ideas!!!! Love it!

  8. Thanks ladies !! there are definitely a few ikea fans out there :D

    littleblacksheep - i think tempe is way better too !!

    Mrs B - how good is Hemnes ! i have my eye on some of the bedroom stuff too :D

    catssaymeow - i need organisational stuff too ! i'll def be looking to pick some organisation things next time i'm there

    corrina - how delicious as the candles mmmhm the scent is brilliant !

    ashmac - you gotta get out to see tempe !! its brilliant :D plenty of hemnes displays heheeh

    miss direction - oooh i have heard good things about the richmond store :D ikea is so addictive ! these comments make me want to return

    sophie - i think this blog post is enabling alot of people oops :D

  9. I loooove Ikea! I try to steer clear though because I will lose myself (and many hours and dollars!) wandering through the store.

  10. I have the coffee table and the TV stand (the one with two drawers rather than three). They are both really good and I like the dark brown colour - easy to keep clean. Only thing I'd suggest if you haven't already done so, make sure you're really slow and deliberate when putting together the TV stand - we put part of it together backwards and have two nail holes on the front where we mucked up! The instructions were really poor on that one.