30 before 30

Recently i found a list i wrote when i must have been about 15 or 16, it was titled '20 before 20'. It was absolutely fascinating to read, most of my goals were silly but most of them were achieved ! 

Reading it was such a good feeling as each point i read & thought about brought a flood of memories back to me, it felt like a gift from me, to me ! 

So with this discovery i've begun reassessing my life goals alot ! 
Recently i read this blog post from Pursuit of Felicity about her '30 before 30 list. It inspired me to write my own list. 

With 2015 bringing about my 27th year, i figured it was time to get these down on paper & start making them happen ! Here is my list of 30 things i want to do before I hit the big 3 0 

1. Land a permanent job in my dream career
2. Fly somewhere business class  
3. Have an amazing wedding 
4. Visit Europe   
5. Buy an Investment Property
6. Get comfortable having my photo taken 
7. Plan a big, fun Hawaiian 30th Birthday Party 
8. Visit Disneyland 
9. Do a decent jump (i.e more than 10cm of air) on my snowboard 
10. Earn over $1,000 a week (nett)
11. Learn to feel comfortable & complete being who i am
12. Buy myself a really, really expensive handbag 
13. Donate blood 
14. Throw a Halloween Party
15. Live overseas  
16. Grow my hair to my waist 
17. Visit the local Farmers Markets regularly
18. Watch a Lakers game at the Staples Centre with M
19. Visit Thailand 
20. Indulge my blogging hobby at least once a week  
21. Organise a surprise trip for my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary 
22. Get to my goal weight and stay there
23. Try stand up paddle boarding
24. Attend a dawn service on ANZAC day 
25. Pay off my HECS debt 
26. Make a new friend 
27. Fall Pregnant 
28. Renovate our bathroom
29. Upgrade our house to one with a decent block 

You might have noticed how i left a few spots free ? My plan is to add to this list as i think of things i want to do ! 

Do you have any suggestions ? 

I would LOVE to hear them, or read other peoples similar lists xx