August Goals Update

Hello, it's me again

How have you been. It sure has been a while.
I wish i didn't start so many posts like this, boo me
Anyway,  i'm nothing if not positive, so tonight i finally got the chance to sit down and reassess my month goals

Here is how i went with my August list...

1.  Declutter 
We're slowly getting through everything ! I like to work in 'pockets' so it's not overwhelming. On the last weekend of August, whilst it was sunny i opened the back door, popped some music on and cleaned up this bothersome spot. I still have alot to go (hello, spare room) but just cleaning up one spot has already made me feel so much lighter 

2016 - the good the bad & the 'to do' in 2017

Hello everyone, 
it has been a long time since my last post, but i couldn't miss the opportunity to do my yearly recap post. 

I've noticed there has been alot of chatter on social media and in meme's about how crap 2016 was & i have to agree that when it comes to years, i've had better! 

All in all it wasn't a terrible year, we didnt loose any family members and there were definitely some amazing parts.

There is alot that i want to acheive in 2017, for now though here's my recap of 2016