My Perfume Collection !

Hello Lovelies ! 
So, i'm currently planning my NYE makeup / outfit I was going through my perfumes & realised how many empties i have mixed in with my newbies ! 

Here are all the empty ones i've just chucked 

From left to right -
Dolce & Gabbana 'The One
Lulu Castaganette 'Je t'M
Britney Spears 'Hidden Fantasy'
Paris Hilton 'Paris Hilton'
Britney Spears 'Fantasy'
Victoria's Secret Body Spritz 'Secret Garden'
Britney Spears 'Believe' 
Kate Moss 'Velvet Hour'

Not sure why i didnt take them out ? It feels very refreshing to purge empty items 

These are a bunch of new body spritz' that i bought from Bath & Body Works whilst in Hawaii, they all smell Ah- Mazing ! Sigh, if only we had a BBW here :( actually i'de be pretty broke if they were here lol 

From Left to Right -
Pure Paradise
Pink Chiffon
Amber Blush
Beautiful Day
Vermont Honey Apple
Twilight Woods
Carried Away

In the front -
After Dark
Spiced Caramel Cider
(both by Bodycology & both $1.99 from Ross...WINNING)

And here is my main perfume collection 
Mmmmmmh just imagine how good these all smell 
So freakin' good ! 

From Left to Right - 
Victoria's Secret 'Noir Tease'
Harry Potter 'Magic Philter'
Juicy Couture 'Couture Couture'
Lulu Castagnette 'lol ;-)'
Katy Perry 'Meow'
Juicy Couture 'Peace, Love & Juicy Couture' (mini version)
Katy Perry 'Purr'
Lulu Castagnette 'Just 4 U :-X'
Lulu Castagnette 'Indomptee'
Juicy Couture 'Viva la Juicy'
Chanel 'Chance'
Vera Wang 'Princess'
Chanel 'Mademoiselle'
Barbie perfume 
Juicy Couture 'Peace, Love & Juicy Couture'

That's the lot ! 

Most of these were either gifts or bought overseas for next to nothing 
I'm not quite sure how i'm going to store them though as most are still in boxes

I would love to keep them on a pretty tray or display plate in my study, out of the sun 

How do you store your perfumes ? 

Christmas Recap - 2013

Ta-da ! 
This is my haul from Christmas day !!

I was pretty spoilt by Santa :) 
So lucky

From left to right:
- Miller & Moore Bath & Body set
- Tiffany blue jewellery box (from Forever New)
- Ornate rocking horse ornament
- Lux body wash & cleansing puff
- 'Hello May' wedding magazine
- Cute little hang up tea-towel
- Icing nozzle kit
(perfect for the macarons i plan to make for our engagement party favors)
- Lindt milk chocolate balls
- Cadbury fingers *drools*
- 2x little bottles of 'Yellow'
- Dachshund book ends
- 'Meow' by Katy Perry (gift set)
- A bunch of avon creams, soaps & lip products
- Body Shop 'Born Lippy' in raspberry

Such an eclectic mix of present ! My family are too nice :)
I also got money for my parents & gorgeous canvas made by M which i havent shown

This Christmas i bought M a Wet 'n' Wild Season Pass as his main present, i also got him a bunch of smaller items to go with is (boardies, deodorant, shower speaker etc) 

I couldn't really work out a cute way to wrap & present a piece of paper, like the season pass, so instead i made his gifts into a treasure hunt ! I wrapped all the gifts with a clue & placed them around out house  :) He really enjoyed finding them all, at first i was a but worried he would think it was lame, but i think it went down really well 

Presents before they were wrapped ! 

My parents christmas tree, with loads of presents & our family dog Beba

 Nugget & Jelly trying to scab some Christmas dinner off Grandma 

2013 - the good the bad & the 'to do' in 2014

Hello Lovelies !

Can you believe that 2013 is almost over ? I seriously can't, i feel like this year has pretty much evaporated ?? 
2013 has been an AMAZING year, i loved it & would happily relive it over again. That said though, i am so keen for 2014 as well :) 

The feeling of a new beginning & a fresh start that comes with a new year really can't be beaten.  So in keeping with the previous 2 years, i'm going to recap the good & bad things about 2013 + the goals & plans i have for 2014...

So here we go !

the good...
- became puppy parents to our beautiful Jug, Jelly

Here she is with her little bro Nugget 

- Spent pretty much a whole season at the snow ! I am in my element at the snow like nowhere else

- had the most amazing holiday to Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora & Fiji (upcoming post all about that) 
- became engaged to the most amazing man (upcoming post on that too)

- applied for Uni, i find out my fate in less than 3 weeks 
- bought a Jeep
- lost (just shy of) 5 kilos
 - completely redid our backyard (upcoming post)

the bad...
- still didn't feel completely comfortable in my own skin
- didn't make any new close friendships
- lost my grandad at age 81

the to-do's for 2014...
- loose another 4 kilos
- keep eating clean(ish)
- blog at least every second day
- have an amazing engagement party
- start saving money towards our wedding
- live in the moment & live the best life i can

Yay for 2014 
Can't wait to see what you hold

If it tickles your fancy, you can revisit my posts from 2013 or 2012 :)

Happy New Years xx

10 things you didn't know about me

Hey guys :) 

Long time no blog

I'm planning to use my blog more & make it the 'creative space' (thanks +Happyeverafter Bride) i always wanted it to be ! I can't quite pinpoint why i ever stopped using my blog, i feel like i have lots to write about & loads of pictures to share ! Anyway, i dont want to make any promises but i am hoping for bi-weekly updates in the new year, at a minimum 

I really enjoy writing blogs & reading them ! You may have noticed i re-invented my space starting with a new name...

I hope you guys like what i have coming up ! 


The first is a '10 things you didn't know about me' post 
I saw this done today on Rhi's Blog  & i really liked the idea. Her list is really interesting & thought provoking, a post like this gives alot of insight into who someone is offline.

I've decided to do a list of 10, starting with:

1. I really REALLY don't like having my photo taken.

2. I was a vegetarian for 4 years, sometimes i miss it.

3. On the night i met M i told him straight up i didn't ever want to get married or have children. He said he'd change my mind. He did.

4. I have cried (a happy cry) at every single wedding i've attended, with the exception of 1. 

5. I am utterly hopeless at team sports.

6. When i was in High School i was obsessed with Japan & Hello Kitty 

7.  I used to play my own version of 'knock & run' when i was little. i would make up little lolly bags with my friends names on it & leave it on their doormat. Then ring the doorbell & run. I like the idea of making someone happy without them knowing it was me 

8. My iPhone background is Katy Perry. I LOVE Katy Perry 

9. I never wear shoes if i can help it 

10. I get privately nervous about not having enough girlfriends / a close group of friends.


Let's keep this going ! 
Share some things i don't know about you below or carry on the tag at your blog :) 

With These Hands - Week 1 - Valentine's

Hello !! 

You may have read my blog from earlier today about the 'With these Hands' project i've joined :) 

So the first weeks theme was Valentine's ! 
I used the opportunity to make a 3 course dinner for the boy, after oz-tag (i know, romantic) 

This is what i made...

Corn Chowder 
(Note: does not photograph well)

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mashed potato & Broccoli 

Sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream...we shared 1 heart shaped pudding 

Damn, i suck at taking food photos 
Anyway it was dee-licious & to accompany i made M a Laker's themed menu 

And that was my V-day 
I hope you all had an amazing night, with whatever you did 
Check back on the blog for next weeks WTH project, based on 'Garden'

To see the creative projects from the other girls, visit their blogs. Vanilla Bliss for Rhi & Miss Directions for Ash


With These Hands

Recently i have been struggling for ideas of things to blog about, you might have noticed the lack of was really starting to worry me

That was until i came across 'With These Hands
A weekly blogging theme, based on DIY projects, created by Ash (of Miss Directions fame) & Rhi (creator of Vanilla Bliss), Sophia (the girl behind Je m'appelle Sophia) too

If you feel like joining in, let me know 

The Idea: A weekly theme, released on Fridays, to which we create something (with our hands). 

The Rules: (There aren't too many)
No nail-art (because there plenty of girls out there who can do that better than us!)
Anything else goes really, whether it's as simple as a drawing or as complicated as a quilt so long as you can make/create it and it fits the theme it counts.
The project has to be started before the following Friday - but not completed if it's a big one
We have to blog about the project (well duh!)

The Theme: They've picked an easy one for week one, Valentine day  

All graphic credit to Ash from Miss Directions 

So with that said, I have officially joined up with Ash, Rhi & Sophia
Look...i even have my own badge !!

I am so excited to show you all what i have planned ! 
This is going to be the fun-est kick start to blogging 

Love x

Christmas Recap

Hello you guys !! 

This post is just a quick one about our first christmas together since moving out 
I know there isn't alot of substance here, but hopefully you enjoy the photos & pretty colours 

I'm really trying to get into the habit of blogging at least every 2nd day !! 
There are so many consistent bloggers around, who's realm i want to join 
Ahhh one day ! 

Anywho, this was our Christmas 

For christmas my parents bought us flights to go back to Hawaii !! So i spent the hot days infront of the air con researching all the amazing places to stay 

Look how lovely my nails were ! 

Sigh, at least 4 of those 5 are now broken down to their nub :( 
If only M had put a ring on it whilst it lasted 
i kid i kid (sort of)

You know christmas morning will start off well when it entails a peppermint soy latte
Bliss !

One of my gifts from M
Nugget on a chain 

Nugget enjoys watching the OC, lying on the rug & eating tinsel 

If you're a frequent reader, you'd know my interior decorating ideas are constrained to the laker colours !! The tree wasn't exempt from this 

Not impressed with being in a stocking 

Christmas tree farms ! So festive 

Christmas baking 
This was Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark
So delish ! 

Note to self, take better photos next year