The anticipation of leaving

In less than 4 weeks i'll be moving out of home !

It scares me to even THINK that let alone do it, but i'm moving in with my best friend & boyfriend of (almost) 2 years, M !!

It's going to rock ! We get along so well...he likes the smell of my candles & i like the sound of his NBA games <3 it just works . What bothers me is not whether or not we're compatible, but whether or not i will miss my home

I'm super sentimental, i still have my shirt from year 12 camp, i just had one of the best weeks of my life there so i find it hard to just 'discard' that memory...hence why i'm keeping the shirt

I'm so ready to have my own space though, which means i'll be fine right ?
I will be....

i'm also loosing my s**t about packing. Everything we have in new so it doesn't really have to be boxed up, but i need it in order, at the moment its all stored in my brother rooms

Everything is boxed up or still in its original box, the only stuff i have successfully organised, labeled and set aside is the christmas stuff we bought at this years boxing day sales
read: i adore christmas

Le Sigh, i posted on the Vogue Forums about my packing dillema & the feeling of forgetting stuff, i'm overwhelmed at the moment but the ladies on there are beyond helpful, they the best

Just the thought of moving all the books, all the electricals, all the dvd's, all the furniture, all the clothes, all the kitchen wear is making me nervous !! thats just the small things

Anyway I'm in one of those moods when i need a little reassurance, as a reader you can tell by the overzealous punctuation & the multitude of paragraphs hahaha

This basket case is off to watch Pretty Little Liars with a cup of sleppytime tea

Thanks for reading my ramblings

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  1. you'll be fine! enjoy the freedom, i moved out like 9mths ago and i really really love how much freedom i have now..