Feb 1: Your View

Blergh !!

So I am currently living in North Sydney for work. Thankfully I get to go home on Friday, which could not come early enough as I miss M like crazy & the food here is not agreeing with me

I feel sooooo bloated I have been living off of room service meals, which let me tell you, the variety runs out really quickly !!

Also come 5:30pm this place shuts down ! There is no nightlife & the only place people get slightly rowdy is the hotel bar & by rowdy I mean business men playing angry birds on iPads lol

Who am I kidding ? I'm not looking for rowdy but rather relaxation !! That's not in abundance here either, the water pressure is depressing to say the least...enough of my first world problems, enjoy the view

North Sydney skyline from my hotel room

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  1. Oh thats a pity your not having much fun. Why not catch a train into the rocks in the city for something different to do. It doesnt take long at all and there should be frequent trains. There's all sorts of dining out places and some nightlife and its very pretty to see. Hope that brightens you up. Sydney is a great place :-)