The wonder of Daiso

Yesterday M & i went for a drive to Chatswood !
If you're not from Sydney, Chatswood has 2 b-e-a-utiful shopping centre's & its quite close to the city, so pretty convenient

Whilst we were walking from one centre to the other we came across Daiso !!

I was a bit excited !
When i went to Hong Kong with my family in 2009 i remember spending ages in this shop !
Everything is $2.80 & everything is cute !!

M was a bit confused at first, but then we found some ankle braces & suddenly Daiso was a good idea, It's how boys roll ! He left me to wonder through all the beauty aisles & found some really random products, like an illuminated ear pick...righto ??

Anyway here are the things we bought, minus the ankle braces..

8 items, a grand total of $22.40

Eyelashes !! With glitter, I'm if your read this post you'd be thinking i definately did NOT need to purchase these
A business card holder, i get on average 1 card a day from suppliers & reps at work...i can never ever find them when i need them so this should be super handy !!

Plus i love the cute detail !

Transparent face powder, it has a little shimmer in it & to be honest if i hate it i wont feel to bad giving it away ! Considering it only cost $2.80

How cute is this oven mit !! So much kitchen stuff is neutral coloured, this will make a nice contrast

Here it is ^ in action hehehe
This is pretty self explanatory, it will be featuring in my valentines blog tomorrow !

A lint shaver ! OMG i cant be the only one who loves these things ?? They make clothes that have pilled look 100% brand new

Mhhhm this candle smells great & the jar it's in will be reusable ! Love it

Cotton swabs, a necessary for any makeup junkie !

Look at them all !!

Hehehehe i love Daiso, next time i want to buy a couple of there gorgeous cherry blossum style plates / bowls, they're made with such fine china & would look great with sushi or miso in them

Love <3


  1. Oh that looks like my kind of store! I must go there when I'm in a buying-random-stuff mood!

  2. i love daiso! I got the oven mit!!they are so cute and so cheap!

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted to check out Daiso, I will have to next time I'm in Melb or Syd.. so many people have been blogging about it lately, it's making me jealous!

    I love that spotty pot holder, so cute!

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