Valentine's Love

Happy super-duper delayed Valentines Day !!

You may have noticed that i've already posted this 'post' like 14 times !! Well i was having technical difficulties...i couldn't get the photos to display in a row, turns out i needed to use a table thingy, with spacing & the like.

So far, so good !! If anyone has any pro blogger tips, i would love to hear them
Enough of this HTML nerd fest, & onto the Valentines day photo-fest !!

My Valentines Day started after dinner on the 13th, i set about baking some 'conversation heart' cookies for M ! As he is a massive laker fan, i made them light purple with yellow piping, i used candy melts which are the greatest ! Except the yellow colour, i couldn't for the life of me get them to melt...they just went weird & crumbly ??

I though i was so sneaky !! I turned up at his house before work & hand delivered them, he was so surprised :) love making an impression like that
Have you ever noticed how cute boys are in the morning ? I think its because they look so innocent.

I stayed at M's for a little, we had some cereal together & a bit of a cuddle before work, when i was leaving i felt so i was the best valentine for pulling the 'surprise' card, i went straight to a morning meeting at work. As i was wondering back to the office after picking up the mail & oogling all the flowers at the florist, i wasn't really paying attention but on the end of my desk was an amazing bouquet of flowers !! My favorite flowers are lily's, my favorite colour is pink & M's favorite colour is yellow, for the arrangement he picked was a perfect reflection of us !

I was so surprised, M has given me flowers many times in the past, but never had them delivered ! I wasn't expecting it, but i loved it

Of course i called him straight away & said thankyou...he asked me which were my favorite flowers in the bouquet, i said 'none' !! Poor kid sounded a little sad, so i clarified telling him that the card was my favorite part, cause it honestly was

Boys can be so cute !!

Later than night M gave me my 'real' present, it was a laker jersey lol
I always whine that i don't have one & he has like 19, so he bought me a youth sized one, it's the closest to a perfect fit on me & i love it !! I wrapped his present in some lovely pink paper, complete with ribbon & stars !!

He had been hanging out for these laker DVD's (which were actually a fallback present when his proper V'day present didn't arrive from ye olde eBay in time)

When he turned up at my house, he brought with him noodle's !! A little bit of vegetarian Char Kiuw Chew is the way to my heart, they were so delicious. I had the best Valetine's Day, it really was a day i spent appreciating & celebrating the fantastic man i have in my life, for the past 2 years we have gone away for Valentine's but i'm glad we got to spend this year together, eating, laughing & watching TV, just relaxing & happy enjoying each others company !

^ Said noodles & my super witty Valentine's Card

That was my day/night !! Just incase no-one's asked you yet, how was your Valentine's day ??

love love


  1. That sounds like a great lovely valentines day. The flowers are gorgeous!

  2. What a great way to spend V-day :) You're so cute all loved up!