Lifestyle Overhaul - Stepping Away from the Bakery Case

I love tea ! It's one of my favorite things to drink
For as long as i have loved tea, i have also loved biscuits ! My grandma always said 'there are not alot of things that a cup of tea and a biscuit can't fix', and really was a truer word even spoken ? 

Too many of these !

But, this love of  tea (and an accompanying baked good) is beginning to be a problem. I think my love of tea is more to do with the emotional benefits rather than the nutritional. So when i'm not feeling my best i make a soothing cup of tea, grab a biscuit and sit down for a think. The problem is, i have maybe 4 - 5 cups of tea a day ! That means 8 - 10 biscuits too and the realisation of how much i'm consuming has set me on a bit of a 'health kick'. 

Giving up these too 
So, i've decided to give myself a bit of a 6 week challenge, on Sunday the 15th May, my family & i are participating in the Million Paws Walk ! It just so happens to be 6 weeks away from when i'm planning to really overhaul my habits and I thought it would be the perfect date to work toward and really see the changes ! Plus, i have these gorgeous black / grey & rose gold Nike leggings that i've been dying to wear (but they're a size too small) 

The 4 fundamentals of my lifestyle change are:

- Consume 1,200 calories, each day 
- Walk 10,000 steps, each day
- Drink 2L of water, each day
- Get 8 hours of sleep, each night

The results I'm hoping to see are: 
- Loose 4 - 6 kilos
- Have clearer skin
- Feel more energetic 

Would you be interested in coming along with me for the journey ?

I've tried things like this before & honestly, i've never stuck to them ! I'm hoping the thought of posting about it at the end of each week will give me some real accountability !


  1. I'll join you with trying to get at least 8 hours sleep per night, I've been so bad with my sleep lately! My problem is I tend to naturally want to work late but I don't want to/can't sleep in. It's such an annoying cycle.

  2. Great challenge! I've been on my own get healthy/fit journey myself for a year now. I hope you get into those leggings soon and rock them at you race!

  3. This is such a great, thoughtful challenge!

    Christina ♡ from Okay Christina

  4. I've also started trying to be really healthy and biscuits are my weakness! Good luck xx