August Goals

Hello lovely blog reader...

How have you been. I must say it is so nice to get a chance to sit down with my hot cup of tea and get thinking about the things i want to achieve this month. July has been such a whirlwind for me, in a good way though. I started a brand new job, booked a holiday and began some final renovations on our little house. The months are flying by though, like can you believe it's already August ? Or that there are only 19 weekends until Christmas, nope me neither

I thought i'd relish this chance to do some real goal setting and really think about what i'd like to see done and dusted by the time August is over. The things i came up with are:

1.  Declutter
M & i are hoping to pop our house on the market at the beginning of October so we're in a semi-mad rush to get it sale ready. It's crazy the amount of stuff 2 people cam accmulate

2.  Order our wedding album & box up wedding dress
Weddings are amazing, don't get me wrong, but there is a nice wholesome that comes from finalising all those last details relating to the wedding. I've heard wonderful things about the new kikki.k online print shop, so i might try them out for an album 

3.  Set aside time to work on my blog each Sunday
Well. This has been on my list since January, enough said 

4.  Go on an adventure
I'm hoping we can do something a little different this month and enjoy a fun day/night out.

5.  Create a budget
I would really love to get a good, in depth overview of our spending habits and where the money goes, not necessarily to cut back or change the way we live but more so out of curiosity

So there you have it !
I'll report back at the start of September October & let you know how i went
It's funny how writing your goals down and explaining a little bit about what you want to achieve can really get you in a inspired state of mind

Looking forward to the rest of August

Big Love, Lauren

Note: Whist i designed the graphic myself, the artwork is not my own and can be found here


  1. I love the idea of doing a post like this each month, I feel like it'd really make me focus on sticking to my goals when I've publicly shared them rather than backing out and not being accountable (very guilty of this over here)! :') I didn't realise how close Christmas was until reading this too, oh my gosh! I need to stop spending and start saving!!

    x Chontelle

    1. Hi Chontelle :) that's exactly my thinking too ! I'm just working on a recap now xx