2015 - the good the bad & the 'to do' in 2016

Hello 2016, 
You have ALOT to live up to coming off the back of 2015, it was a pretty fantastic year !
I'm so grateful that this years 'good' far outweighs the 'bad' & those points that feature in the bad are not even all that terrible

I do have big plans for you 2016, be good to me ! 

Here's what i have to say 'bout  2 0 1 5

the good...

- we got married ! It was magical & the best day of my life 
- we didn't blow our wedding budget 
- we went on a 'minimoon' to Bali 
- we planned an amazing 5 week Honeymoon to the states (only 16 sleeps) 
- i *finally* got a job in the field i wanted 
- we got to be part of M's brother wedding (so my new brother in law) 
- we went on an awesome NYE trip with the family, it feels wonderful being so close to them

the bad...

- the job i found is only temporary, boo 
- i still miss the closeness of female friendships 
- the year felt like it rushed by 

the 'to do's for 2016 

 - revive my blog, after all 2015 only saw me post 5 times 
- have an incredible Honeymoon 
- keep journaling as often as possible 
- start learning French 
- get a full time, permanent job & try my very hardest at it 
- improve my video editing skills as well as InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator  
- improve my fitness 

There you have it ! After a lethargic start to 2016, i'm beginning to feel ready for this new year.

This year i'm planning to do an update in April, which is 3 months from today (i've already written this in my planner, and it's in pen so you know i'm legit) 

(i know i'm not the most active blogger, but this if my 5th 'good, bad & 'to-do'' post. If you're interested, you can check out my previous years here: 2014, 2013, 2012 & 2011 

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  1. Great post. Well done. Keep going
    I love your blog. I hope you will like mine