For No Particular Reason

Today feels like it has some magic behind it. 
Do you ever feel like that, like there is so much on the horizon ? 

Bondi to Bronte Walk 

I dont want to get too deep or preachy but i have been reading 'The Secret' alot lately and the message of 'gratitide' has really stuck with me. 

There is nothing in particular or out of the ordinary that has happened, i guess it's just a collaborative realisation of all the good things in my life, things that i sometimes take for granted. 

Looking forward to the future, whilst being happy about the present and at peace with the past is how i feel today. 

In particular, the things i am most looking forward to are: 
- finishing the editing of our honeymoon videos to show our family and friends 
- going to hawaii in 4 months and 2 days 
- going to bed early tonight, and 
- planning our next big family holiday ! 

How about you ?


  1. Beautiful photo! Hawaii is gorgeous - you will love it. And the shopping is amazing! x

    1. Thankyou Gabrielle ! I can already feel myself there :)

  2. Ah have fun in Hawaii! I'd be counting down the days if I were you, I always do that when an exciting trip is on the horizon. If you want any recommendations for Oahu or anything like that you can always feel free to email me :)

    1. I cant wait to get back there ! Your post definitely made me more excited :) I'd love some recommendations, talk soon xx Lauren

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