What have i been up too...

So i haven't blogged for 4 months ! 

That is a rather long time. I'm scrolling, in my head, through all the things that have been going on in those 4 months & i can't comprehend that time period passing ! It's crazy how fast this year is progressing. 
Actually, i'm getting married in less than 6 months ! 

Since i've been absent, the main milestones have been: 
- M's brother got married 
- I got a new job in events 
- I discovered Netflix & 'Orange is the New Black. Obsessed ! 
- I started planning our Honeymoon to the West Coast of the USA 
- I attended my first dawn service 
- We had our engagement photo's done
- We saw Ed Sheeran
- I completed an InDesign course & began a Photoshop course 
- I threw my sister in law a kitchen tea 
- I've been working a second job doing catering, to help me with event experience 

I know i say this every time but i'm really keen to start blogging again ! 
I've felt a hollow lately, i often think of my blog & feel sad about it's state of neglect ! With my recent design course it’s sparked my interest in creating a beautiful digital space !

So this is my goal ! For now i will work on restarting my blogging, slowly but surely

Can’t wait to once again connect with you all
Xx Lauren

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