Lifestyle Goals

How do you feel at the moment?
If I was asked the same questions, my answer wouldn’t necessarily be positive.

Recently, life has been great but also crazy busy. A new job, a second job, working overtime, planning a wedding, planning a honeymoon, renovating a bathroom, managing a rental property & trying to maintain some social interaction, have me spent!

I’m slowly settling into a comfortable routine, but most days the last thing I’m thinking of is meal planning, cleaning the house or prep for the week ahead, which leads me into a vicious cycle. When I feel set back from stressing, rushing around, or when I haven’t had the chance to rejuvenate before the working week begins, I head straight towards the comforting embrace of junk food ! This feels great, for the time that I’m eating it, but leads me right back to the feeling of stress & being back at square one, hence beginning the very cycle that I’m aiming to break.

So I decided to set some goals & change the direction I want my life to go.
As I type, my ‘one size too small for added motivation’ wedding dress is calmly enroute over the pacific to arrive as an uncomfortable reminder of my recent weight gain within a matter of hours! I love the dress. I picked it on purpose & I want to do it justice. Without effort, it will fit, but not in the best way it can. It’s my motivation to control my cravings and focus on the good habits I know I can maintain.

Weight loss & fitness are not the only goals I have, I want to enjoy life and entertain more ! On June the 1st our bathroom renovations are beginning. By the time they’re finished (2 weeks or so) I want to be well and truly into a cleaning routine that leaves me able to accept last-minute guests happily & with excitement rather than with shock & embarrassment! I would love to spend less time willing my house clean & more time enjoying it in all the tidy glory it will become!

All up I have 6 goals to work towards consecutively over the 5 weeks.

1,200 calories, each day
10,000 steps, each day
2L of water, each day
8 hours of sleep, each night
Establish a cleaning routine
Enjoy a healthy breakfast each morning

Over the weekend I’ll be doing the leg work to prepare everything & Monday it will begin! Going right through to June 30, which is significant as it will bring us to the 4 month mark in the lead up to our wedding.
I’m planning to do a weekly update with photos of what i eat each day to keep me accountable ! It should go go up on Monday at the beginning of every new week 

Wish me (& my will power) luck…

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