Recent Happenings

Event Briefs ! Am loving my new job, but as the newby it involves alot of scoping out how things are done & gaining an insight into the business model.

Orange is the new Black (OITNB) !! I LOVE this show. We've had Netflix since November & have only recently put this on. The best bit ? Season 3 is due out on June 12th & the whole season comes out in one go ! Perfect for binge watchers like myself :) Game of Thrones and Modern Family also get a look in when we take a rare break from Litchfield. 

Listening to:  

'Water for Elephants', the audiobook. (It's baffling how quickly a car trip can go when you're entranced by a book) Ed Sheeran & Teddy Geiger have been making appearances too. 

'Si' by Giorgio Armani. I don't own it (yet) but one of the girls at work wears in daily & it smells incredible. Hand cream is also very prevalent at this time of year & i'm yet to smell one of those i don't like ! 

Jelly & Nugget at our Engagement Shoot.

Thinking about: 

Our wedding ! I'm getting SO excited now (we are less than 6 months away). Renovating our bathroom, all the new things we need to choose. Wondering if it would make for an interesting blog post ?


That the year would slow down a tad ! It feels like it should still be February.  

Working on:  

Organising 'Crafternoon' for next Friday. We have our 'Save the Dates' to construct (hence the engagement shoot) & i'm hoping to reel all my siblings in with the promise of Mexican food and an NBA game. 

My new job. All the exciting lifestyle changes i have in mind & the thought that in a few weeks i should be happy(ier) in my skin. Nights in with my baby dogs & M. 

Dinner with my family tonight. Games night tomorrow night. Getting a new phone next week, Lunch with a lovely friend next weekend and smashing out the bathroom vanity / sink.

How has life been treating you lately ? 


  1. Great post hun! I totally agree that this year is going by way too fast. Oh, and OITNB is awesome isn't it? :D xx

  2. Thankyou & thanks for the idea !! OITNB is the best, not long until season 3 :)