Frugal Friday: DIY bread

Well hello there !

Now i'm not sure if a similar phenomenon occurred to you guys as it did to me on New Years Day, but i woke up feeling ultra frugal hahaha

It's so weird,  i mean we have our wedding coming up in 10 months but we've been saving really hard for the most part of last year, so i'm not overly worried about that ! I can't really pinpoint what has gone on in the realm of my subconscious to bring about this air of frugality ! I wouldn't say i feel stingy, because believe me i LOVE spending money, especially on expensive albeit, long lasting things (i.e. good pots & pans, decent furniture, heirloom accessories). But i definitely feel frugal & that is what it is. With my new financial outlook in tow i found myself browsing google for modern day 'frugal tips'.

I stumbled upon in my searches & these 66 tips for a frugal life really rang true with me. Well most of them anyway, as much as i like saving money i'm not about to stop using beauty products, repurpose my hand-me-downs into underwear or give up having a car. 

So after scanning through the tips i was in search for a super simple bread recipe, enter Their bread recipe is fantastically easy & simple. They also have alot of info on money, like where to place investments ect. (which is not really my scene) but the articles are well written so if you're that way inclined, or you just like bread, check them out.

This loaf cost me (about) $1 to make, whilst i could get it cheaper at Coles or Woolies, a comparable loaf from Bakers Delight would be around $4 ! Also the scent of freshly baked bread in unbeatable ! 

Onto the carbo-hydrates ! 

This is what i made 

It was (is) so delish ! 
Here it is fresh with butter & vegemite. Oh yum ! 

Right after i kneaded it it looked like this 

Nek Minnit (ok an hour later) it looked like this 

Then in the pan before it rose up ready for baking ! 


Et Voila ! The finished product
Oh my, i love carbs 

Super simple & super satisfying.

I can definitely see myself making this on a Sunday night from the week ahead or even on a Friday night ready for an indulgent weekend breakfast 

Yummo ! 

Next Friday i'll have another 'Frugal' tip, in the meantime do you have any money-saving hacks you swear by ? 

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