Lifestyle Goals - Update

Hello !!

So the past 12 days have been full on :)

I've tried to incorporate alot of healthy changes into my life, of all the goals i set myself, i've managed to fulfill 3 so far. See Below:

1,200 calories, each day
10,000 steps, each day
2L of water, each day
8 hours of sleep, each night
Establish a cleaning routine
Enjoy a healthy breakfast each morning

10,000 steps
This was an easy one ! All my family decided to buy Fit bit's last weekend, naturally we all started challenged each other & it turns out i'm kinda competitive (who knew) 

8 hours of sleep 
We're currently staying at M's dad's house in the country ! It's lovely and quiet, there is no internet & its pretty cold out there. We've found ourselves making a cuppa & heading to bead nice & early. Getting enough sleep is truly life changing ! 

Enjoy a healthy breakfast each morning  
As we're not in our usual home, we've mixed up our routine a little. I have a cup of coffee as i get ready in the morning & then make breakfast at work. It's not something i'd like to do forever (work kitchens are kinda gross, am i right ?) but it's working nicely for right now. My breakfast of choice is currently Wholegrain Toast with Vegemite & Avocado ! 


1,200 calories, each day  
I've only given this a half strike as i haven't been using MyFitnessPal as much as i would have liked, i haven't necessarily eaten more than 1,200 as i feel myself getting hungry throughout the day ! I definitely am going to try and be more diligent about tracking food from here on out though. It's all about good habits ! 

2L of water, each day   
Wah ! I really wanted to nail this goal, sadly i left my straw drink bottle at home & it set me up for failure :( tomorrow is a new day though ! 

Establish a cleaning routine   
We're not at home so this really wasn't going to happen. 

All in all i've done ok, i think all the extra sleep i'll get from this long weekend will really set me up for a brilliant week next week 

Also, how good is Kale ! It's one thing i've really started enjoying as i try it wil different cooking combo's

Hope you all have a brilliant long weekend ! 
I'm attempting bone broth
Wish me luck :) 

Big Love Lauren 

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