With These Hands

Recently i have been struggling for ideas of things to blog about, you might have noticed the lack of posts...it was really starting to worry me

That was until i came across 'With These Hands
A weekly blogging theme, based on DIY projects, created by Ash (of Miss Directions fame) & Rhi (creator of Vanilla Bliss), Sophia (the girl behind Je m'appelle Sophia) too

If you feel like joining in, let me know 

The Idea: A weekly theme, released on Fridays, to which we create something (with our hands). 

The Rules: (There aren't too many)
No nail-art (because there plenty of girls out there who can do that better than us!)
Anything else goes really, whether it's as simple as a drawing or as complicated as a quilt so long as you can make/create it and it fits the theme it counts.
The project has to be started before the following Friday - but not completed if it's a big one
We have to blog about the project (well duh!)

The Theme: They've picked an easy one for week one, Valentine day  

All graphic credit to Ash from Miss Directions 

So with that said, I have officially joined up with Ash, Rhi & Sophia
Look...i even have my own badge !!

I am so excited to show you all what i have planned ! 
This is going to be the fun-est kick start to blogging 

Love x

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