2013 - the good the bad & the 'to do' in 2014

Hello Lovelies !

Can you believe that 2013 is almost over ? I seriously can't, i feel like this year has pretty much evaporated ?? 
2013 has been an AMAZING year, i loved it & would happily relive it over again. That said though, i am so keen for 2014 as well :) 

The feeling of a new beginning & a fresh start that comes with a new year really can't be beaten.  So in keeping with the previous 2 years, i'm going to recap the good & bad things about 2013 + the goals & plans i have for 2014...

So here we go !

the good...
- became puppy parents to our beautiful Jug, Jelly

Here she is with her little bro Nugget 

- Spent pretty much a whole season at the snow ! I am in my element at the snow like nowhere else

- had the most amazing holiday to Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora & Fiji (upcoming post all about that) 
- became engaged to the most amazing man (upcoming post on that too)

- applied for Uni, i find out my fate in less than 3 weeks 
- bought a Jeep
- lost (just shy of) 5 kilos
 - completely redid our backyard (upcoming post)

the bad...
- still didn't feel completely comfortable in my own skin
- didn't make any new close friendships
- lost my grandad at age 81

the to-do's for 2014...
- loose another 4 kilos
- keep eating clean(ish)
- blog at least every second day
- have an amazing engagement party
- start saving money towards our wedding
- live in the moment & live the best life i can

Yay for 2014 
Can't wait to see what you hold

If it tickles your fancy, you can revisit my posts from 2013 or 2012 :)

Happy New Years xx


  1. Your puppies are so cute ^_^ congrats on your engagement! I am really looking forward to see your post on your holiday!!


  2. I am also in my element at the snow, I seriously love it! What ski fields did you go to?