Christmas Recap

Hello you guys !! 

This post is just a quick one about our first christmas together since moving out 
I know there isn't alot of substance here, but hopefully you enjoy the photos & pretty colours 

I'm really trying to get into the habit of blogging at least every 2nd day !! 
There are so many consistent bloggers around, who's realm i want to join 
Ahhh one day ! 

Anywho, this was our Christmas 

For christmas my parents bought us flights to go back to Hawaii !! So i spent the hot days infront of the air con researching all the amazing places to stay 

Look how lovely my nails were ! 

Sigh, at least 4 of those 5 are now broken down to their nub :( 
If only M had put a ring on it whilst it lasted 
i kid i kid (sort of)

You know christmas morning will start off well when it entails a peppermint soy latte
Bliss !

One of my gifts from M
Nugget on a chain 

Nugget enjoys watching the OC, lying on the rug & eating tinsel 

If you're a frequent reader, you'd know my interior decorating ideas are constrained to the laker colours !! The tree wasn't exempt from this 

Not impressed with being in a stocking 

Christmas tree farms ! So festive 

Christmas baking 
This was Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark
So delish ! 

Note to self, take better photos next year 


  1. How cute is Nugget!!

    And what a great Christmas pressie - couldn't think of anything better than a trip to Hawaii :) Lucky girl

  2. Your dog is the sweetest and that salted caramel pretzel brittle looks amazing!

  3. Really beautiful pictures!