Christmas Recap - 2013

Ta-da ! 
This is my haul from Christmas day !!

I was pretty spoilt by Santa :) 
So lucky

From left to right:
- Miller & Moore Bath & Body set
- Tiffany blue jewellery box (from Forever New)
- Ornate rocking horse ornament
- Lux body wash & cleansing puff
- 'Hello May' wedding magazine
- Cute little hang up tea-towel
- Icing nozzle kit
(perfect for the macarons i plan to make for our engagement party favors)
- Lindt milk chocolate balls
- Cadbury fingers *drools*
- 2x little bottles of 'Yellow'
- Dachshund book ends
- 'Meow' by Katy Perry (gift set)
- A bunch of avon creams, soaps & lip products
- Body Shop 'Born Lippy' in raspberry

Such an eclectic mix of present ! My family are too nice :)
I also got money for my parents & gorgeous canvas made by M which i havent shown

This Christmas i bought M a Wet 'n' Wild Season Pass as his main present, i also got him a bunch of smaller items to go with is (boardies, deodorant, shower speaker etc) 

I couldn't really work out a cute way to wrap & present a piece of paper, like the season pass, so instead i made his gifts into a treasure hunt ! I wrapped all the gifts with a clue & placed them around out house  :) He really enjoyed finding them all, at first i was a but worried he would think it was lame, but i think it went down really well 

Presents before they were wrapped ! 

My parents christmas tree, with loads of presents & our family dog Beba

 Nugget & Jelly trying to scab some Christmas dinner off Grandma 

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