There is something in the air...

Tonight i had the strangest feeling,

I was driving home from M's house after we'd just had dinner with some of our closest friends & told them about our news of moving usually a paranoid driver, especially at night, so its not uncommon for me to check & re-check my rear view mirrors, ya know for murders in the backseat & the like !!

Anyway, i began to notice that the way the light was reflecting off my car and mirrors was different, almost creating like an aura ? I was driving along, thinking about why it could be & maybe that there was a full moon. Then i just felt overwhelmed with a sense of safety & excitement, i was thinking about 2012 & all the good things it's going to hold, i thought about how lucky i am, with work & M, our friends & families. I don't believe in God, but i am very 'spiritual', i think there is more to us that just flesh & bone, tonight i definitely felt looked over.

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I can not wait to see what next year brings, there are alot of resolutions i have for 2012 & alot of potential that next year holds

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