Yesterday was my last day at work, not just for the end of the year, but forever. We had a team lunch, it included a bar tab, lots of hugging & everyone saying goodbye
I packed up my desk in the afternoon, said goodbye again & left...that was the end of it, so i thought

M had mentioned a few weeks ago he was taking my out for dinner to celebrate my last day, nothing real suss there, just a nice thing to do right ?? little did i know that he & J, my closest friend at work, were plotting a surprise dinner party !!!

So after leaving work with all my boxes & feeling hungry & exhausted, M suggested we go look around Westfield before dinner, we had a few last minute gifts to get, so i went along with it, he told me we had a booking for 6:45

After we left Westfield, M got a text whilst driving which i offered to read for him, he said no ! usually he would ask me to read it so as not to text and drive, but not this time...i was a little suss on that !! But whatever, i was so hungry all i could think about was getting there and eating heheeh. When we got there & as i was putting my shoes on he messaged all my friends on the sly to say we were about to walk in

We walked in & BAM !!! Everyone shouted surprise
I've never been surprised before but my gosh ! i did not know how to react, i was shaking with excitement, hugging everyone & getting a bit teary ! I just sat down & smiled at everyone like a weirdo, it was such an awesome surprise !!

I am sad to leave this job & the people there, but its not the right industry for me. My friend L who used to work there was also at the Surprise dinner, i still keep in contact with her even after leaving so i have faith i will keep the friends i made.

Below are some of the lovely presents i was given, i also got a massive farewell card & gift voucher, but thought it would be lame to photograph that lol

Such pretty presentation

She's much cuter in reality

Eskimo & Snowflake, from the recent winter collection

Carousel from the Dumbo collection

i really love the intricacy of Disney Couture jewelry
My other piece is featured here
They also gave me a gorgeous potted African violet, but that was as a housewarming gift

I will miss them dearly


  1. Such a sweet surprise, the Disney Couture pieces are the cutest

  2. Aww how wonderfully sweet of them! you must have been a pleasure to work with :) Your gifts are beautiful! Good luck in your next industry!! :D xx