2011 - the good the bad & the 'to do' in 2012

i came into twentyeleven off the back of twentyten (as did we all, duh)
but twentyten was an amazing year for me personally & so i had high hopes for twentyeleven

Whilst it wasn't the worst year, it certainly wasn't the best
i tried my hardest in alot of areas & am proud of myself for that, i'm ending this year on a good note, i know i'm a much better person that i was when it started.

Once again, i have high hopes for twentytwelve
(I'm beginning to think that even-numbered years hold the best for me)
Anyway, in the coming 12 months we shall see

For now though, its all about twentyeleven & the year that was

the good...
- saving enough for a deposit on the house of our dreams
- reaching the '1 year' mark with M
- going to Hawai'i in March
- quitting the job i knew wasn't right for me
- getting the job that was right from me
- buying lots and lots of homewares, at incredibly low prices, in anticipation for our new house (this was before we had found it) people said we were silly to start so early, those people were very wrong :D
- finally curing my acne (it plagued me for 5+ years)
- growing closer with old friends
- making a whole lot of new friends
- loosing weight & getting healthy, there really is no better feeling

the bad...
- having a car accident
- loosing touch with a few people
- not being organised or time efficient
- focusing too much energy on things that dont matter
- not appreciating myself

the to-do's for 2012...
- celebrate EVERYTHING !! We never know how long we have left
- look after myself, maintain my weight, eat healthy & exercise regularly...easy right ?
- slow down ! drink more tea, stare at photos and art, take deep breathes & sit in the tree ( a standout feature of our new house)
- cook more, i love to cook & to feed
- spend more time with friends
- let things that dont matter, not matter...dont dwell on the small things
- travel more, somewhere relaxing & with a beach
- try my very best in the new job
- love more
- indulge in the things i love, not necessarily new louboutin's every pay but to buy good chocolate or a bunch of flowers. To take long baths every now & then, to burn candles each night rather than 'saving them' for when company is over.

Ah twentytwelve, i am welcoming you with open arms & a few cold drinks
Can't wait to see what you hold

Happy New Years xx


  1. 2011 sounds like it was a great year for you. Here's hoping 2012 is an even better one :-)

    Love the candles idea.

    I think i need to add to my resolutions.

  2. Great resolutions, update us on them throughout the year :)