So Guess What...

We're (almost) Homeowners !!

Let me tell you how it all went down / is going down

Last Saturday M & I went to view a villa for sale in one of our very favorite suburbs in Sydney. I had already looked at the description / pictures on but as soon as we pulled up & walked in the whole mental image i had, came to life

In short, i LOVED the place

I was walking around trying to find flaws and imperfections...things i didnt like ! Alas, there were not alot. The worst thing about the whole place, was the fact that the second bedroom was a nursery !! Clearly not a bad negative right ? I am not ready for children yet, not at all ! So it spooked me a tad, but that was the worst of it

There were hardwood floors, downlights, freshly renovated kitchen, internal laundry & a huge bathroom. My favorite feature of all though is the splendid tree in the backyard!! It is beautiful & leafy, its climable & i can see it all lit up with fairy lights on a summers night, ahhhh i love that tree

^^ something like that

We're currently waiting for contracts to be exchanged, once thats all over i will be officially excited for moving in to start

For right now though, i'm stressing that something wont go through or wont get cleared in time (read: stamp duty exemption ends on dember 31) But i would love to hear some advice & helpful tips about moving out for the very first time ?

Scary to think, isn't it ?


  1. I have no tips but congratulations! So exciting

  2. Congratulations! Moving out for the first time into your first home is really exciting! Don't stress too much initially with the mortgage payments and having no money all the time. When you are buying a whole lot of furniture it can be really daunting. I took out those no interest plans for the really nice pieces of furniture I wanted so that I would stress less and enjoy life more! :)