2014 - the good the bad & the 'to do' in 2015

A fresh new year is almost upon us, only 1 sleep to go ! 

2014 has been a good year, i would probably describe it as a 'comfortable' year, following on from 2013 was hard because that was a fantastic, exciting & busy year. 2015 is set to bring many exciting things for M & I, the biggest of which is our wedding ! 

I seriously thrive on the feeling that only a new year brings, it's hard to describe exactly what excites me about a new year but the main thing is the idea of a brand new start. 
Sure, the people around are the same (which i wouldn't change for anything) & i'll still drive the same car to the same job as i did at the end of the last year, but the vibe in the air changes, theres is all this new opportunity available & an untapped excitement & spirit for things that wasn't there last year ! That's what gives me a buzz !

So with my excitement for the imminent arrival of 2015, and without completely dismissing the year that was, i think it's important to celebrate & reminisce on the good and bad aspects of 2014 along with what i plan to accomplish in 2015 

the good...

- M's brother got engaged ! We were so happy for them & as we're both in the bridal party it makes things extra exciting !
- together we bought an investment property 
- M got a new, challenging and worthwhile job
- we kept on top of spending allowing us to pay off a large chuck of our wedding a year out. That is a lovely feeling.
- recently i felt a real direction towards starting my own business, it's both scary and exciting (mostly exciting) 

the bad...

- no career progression 
- had alot of pangs of loneliness for my lack of female friends 
- felt out of touch with reality alot and looked back on days like 'whoa, what did i miss'

the 'to do's for 2015 

- live each day positively
- be present in every conversation and interaction
- be confident, always
- have fun, and not shy away from my personality
- get excited, so excited, for OUR wedding
- journal each night, its free therapy !

There you have it ! I'm SO ready for the new year ! 

Have a wonderful, safe & happy celebration tomorrow night & may 2015 bring & be everything you want 

See you in the new year 

(this if my 4th 'good, bad & 'to-do'' post, you can check out 2014, 2013 & 2012 as well if you're keen)

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  1. I have the same feelings as you every new year: can't wait to get stuck into 2015!