Blogmas 2014 - Day 2

Today i remembered one of my Christmas favourites from the last few years !
Well from like the last 20 years, haha

The humble chocolate advent calendar

Things have certainly changed since i was a youngin' because in my childhood advent calendar i always got a teeny tiny piece of chocolate that you had to either pop out or jimmy out with a (blunt) knife. This year M surprised me with a Freddo advent calendar :) I had completely forgotten about getting one but he hadn't & not only did he get me one he got me the BEST one !

This calendar is a little more special than the average, M made some customisations before giving it to me.

Each day has a fortune M has written for what he thinks the day will bring ! It sounds corny but he's written them really well !

How cute is that, it's the best thing to look forward to of a morning

Only 23 sleeps until Christmas

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