iPictures Week #3 & #4

Hey you guys !! 

I've had a pretty crazy / emotional / busy past few weeks and weekends 
I must apologise for the lack of blogging, but am happy to say i'm back with 2 WEEKS worth of iphone pictures 

Enjoy & you'll hear from me again soon xx

1. This is our kettle, alot of people like this kettle & M is particularly infatuated. We spent ages trying to find it (sold all over the place now if you're interested) & ended up buying one from Costco, when it's boiling it bubbles & the glass turns blue & once it's off its metallic & mirrored 

2. OMG yum ! Mum & Dad got back from a holiday to Malaysia not long ago & brought loads of flavoured coffee mix thingo's from a place there called 'coffee tree', this was hazelnut <3 sipping it from an insulated bodum glass makes it even tastier 

3. Hart of Dixie ! Best.show.out !! Watch it, actually it's on summer holiday break at the moment, but once it's back, watch it :) 

4. Not sure about you guys, but avocado's have been sustaining me ! I adore them (6 in the last week)

5. A friend i follow on twitter posted this pic ! I desperately want white jeans for Spring/Summer. Someone remind me closer to then, they're so pretty !! 

6. Do you guys remember these lolly pop ? They used to be everywhere a few years ago, me & my sister used to get a whole bunch & eat them slowly, i bought this one for her 

1. i LOVE this foundation, i cant wait to review it. Rimmel foundation has always been a favorite of mine 

2. How icky is this candle, it's a yankee candle & i adore the smell but it burns kinda weird & leaves like tide marks against the edge of the jar as it burns

3. Avocado, tuna & cheese on turkish bread, this was lunch today 

4. New kitchen canisters, can't wait to fill them...thats just how i roll lol 

5. BEST body spritz, Victorias Secret really can do no wrong. I like to wear this with 'Believe' by Britney Spears 

6. M won a meat tray when we visited his dad in the country 

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