iPictures Week #2

1. Whilst i was organising our linen closet i couldn't rest but to open my christmas boxes & admire all the festive things i have stocked up on ! Seriously so pumped for christmas & we're only 7 months out !

2. A shepherds pie i made for M, i love cooking !

3. Not necessarily a standard washing line, but this is what ours generally looks like ! M is a crazy laker fan & this is often reflected in our laundry ( & closet)

4. The tree in our courtyard is almost completely bare, since taking this photo it's lost even more leaves :( can't wait for spring & summer when it's full again

5. A delicious coffee i made, lately i've been really keen on flavours & this one was coconut

6. Some things i was packing to change into for an afterwork dinner, dresses with stockings & a cardi have been my go-to outfit for Autumn so far. I've been loving gold aswell, of course concealer is also important.


  1. I love snooping around the christmas box, I go boxing day crazy and then forget what I bought by the time Christmas comes around again

  2. Mmmm coconut coffee! I've never tried that before but I definitely will be now!

  3. Your blog is soo cute! :)

    -♡ Valerie Angel