10 Winter Beauty Essentials

Hello Beautiful ! 
I have been a bad bad blogger lately, not sure what has been up but i am blaming it in work being crazy busy & me being too cold/lazy to get my Macbook out ! 

I have however been particularly interested in beauty products lately, i am notoriously bad for blasting the heater in my car, right on my face So here are 10 essential items to help you get through Winter. It's a hard season on your skin & occasionally you need a little extra 'something' to get you by...

10. Baby Shampoo
This is a random addition to any Beauty Essentials list, it is important though. In winter our skin tends to be dryer so we apply more moisturiser, all the product that's left behind can end up on your make up brushes (ew right !) That's where baby shampoo makes it's play, this stuff is amazing for cleaning & conditioning both synthetic fibre & natural hair brushes.

9. Perfume 
I love using a perfume in winter that remind me of the Spring / Summer, it's a great way to stay motivated & remind yourself that all those sheer tops & demin shorts in your closet will see the sun again ! My favorite for this is 'Believe' by Britney Spears, paired with 'With all my Heart' from Victoria's Secret. If i'm feeling like embracing winter, i love 'the one' by Dolce & Gabbana

8. Cornstarch
 Sometime an extra 15 minutes of sleep is way more appealing than getting up earlier to wash your hair, especially for the long haired girls. I use pure cornstarch as i am a natural blonde, generally my hair isn't very oily so it only takes a little bit (this container will last me 1 year +) For girls with darker hair, try Powder Puff ! Dry shampoo's & powders are great for a quick fix, using it once a week is plenty but don't get too addicted though as it can lead to a dried out scalp (ouch!)

7. Peach Blush
 I LOVE peach toned blush year round, especially in Winter. I haven't shown my face on my blog (yet) but once i do you'll notice i'm super pale, peach tones really brighten my skin & give the appearance of an awake & healthy complexion ! For Winter i like a peach toned blush with more pink undertones, so i make my own !! Combine Ambre D'or by Bourjoi & a well loved Dollymix powder blush from Mac on a blush brush, sweep over only the apples & higher bones of your cheek for a fresh peachy glow

6. Moisturising Beauty Bar
Go Fresh Cucumber Beauty Cream Bar's are my savior ! I have combination skin so this is perfect to clean off my makeup without totally drying out my skin, it adds a touch of moisture to my skin. The cucumber smell helps you 'feel' clean as well as actually being clean ! In winter it's important to get all the extra product residue off your skin

5. Body Moisturiser 
'Drenched in Pink' by Victoria's Secret is my go to body moisturiser. It's very rich & smells amazing ! 
It's important to keep your body moisturised so your skin doesn't dry out. I know when my legs get really dry i get mild Ezcma, which is super uncomfortable & can be easily prevented. The best time to moisutise is at night & after a shower, this gives your skin the longest time to absorb all the good stuff.

4. Rich Hand Cream  
I am a bit of a germ-a-phob & i sneeze A LOT ! This results in washing my hands pretty regularly & them drying out ! When i use the bathrooms at work they only have air dryers which only adds to my problems ! I like to keep just the basic Priceline hand & nail cream on my for work / car & then at home i use the Sukin hand & nail cream after rinsing off the dishes or washing my hands heaps intensely (like after cutting an onion, ew) Both of these products sink into your skin really quickly & don't leave any residue

3. Lip Balm
OMG ! As i said before i blast the car heater at my face & it takes a big toll on my face & especially lips ! I also don't drink enough water which is bad & you shouldn't do it to yourself ! As a result of these bad habits i have a near addiction to baby lips ! This stiff is the the bomb ! I love it on its own or over the top of a tint (such as Covergirl Outlast Lip Stain) Get some,  it will change your lips like overnight, so good ! 

2. Day & Night Face Cream
For a night time skin fix, i love Novea Creme. It's such a rich product & works magic overnight on dried out skin, you really only need a little bit to feel the full effect. My favorite products for the daytime are oil-free moisture by Neutrogena & Daily Face by Sun Sense. SPF 30+ is super important, even in winter, it will help you look younger, thank me in 15 years 

1. Water
You seriously can not get enough water in winter, it rehydrates your skin, helps detox your body, keeps you feeling full & is just over all amazing for your skin. 
I can not stress enough how much you should be guzzling water this winter, as a go-to i keep a little preshafruit bottle in my bag & a chilled glass bottle in my fridge. Go Fresh Cucumber Beauty Cream Bar's are my savior ! 

So these are my favorite things to survive winter ! I'd love to hear your favorites too 

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  1. Cornstarch is one of my beauty 'secrets' too. I've had my bottle for about 2 years now and it still feels full lol.

    I frequently apply it the night before too, then brush out the excess in the morning. Leaves less residue than applying in the morning :-)