the wager...

M & i have made a bet...

If i can make it to December 31 without mentioning, asking about or generally hinting towards getting engaged then he is going to buy me an iPad !!

Cray-cray !!

I can totally do it, man i want that iPad bad, not as bad as i want to prove that i CAN think about things other than getting engaged hehehe

He knows i only say it because of how much i love him, i dont ever put the pressure on

M also said something along the lines of 'can you please stop mentioning it & forget about it happening...i dont want it to be at the front of your mind'

Because i'm a girl, i totally & completely read into that

Anyway, fingers crossed i'm posting off an iPad in like 11 months time !!


  1. lol thats so cute!
    the less you mention an engagement the sooner it'll happen! I always talked about it, well we both did, so he had to try really hard to make it a surprise - I usually ruin surprises.

  2. Or pictures of your very own e-ring??? *wink* I had to stop thinking I was ready to get married before it happened... kinda a law of nature. Keep us posted!

  3. You have to stop mentioning it before he'll propose, everyone knows that ;-)