Something i noticed...

When i'm nervous i snack ALOT !!

Today i started my new job, and all last night i was snacking non stop
I already snack enough as it is, but last night was bad

In summary, i ate:
- a couple of handfuls of Ruffles chips (thanks to Costco i have a jumbo size bag)
- 15 or so dark chocolate bullets
- 2 ferrero rochers
- half a container of black bean noodle takeaway
- 3 or 4 small chocolate pieces from a box of aldi chocolates
- a piece of crunch chocolate

and that was about it
in my defense, i didn't eat dinner so i guess that explains some of my need for consumption

the new job went great anyway, so i had nothing to worry about
i was struggling to find an outfit which was stressing me out
& i procrastinate when nervous too, so that didnt help at all

Fail !!


  1. I'm glad your first day went great!!
    I am a nervous snacker too :) and I snack when I am bored hehe.

  2. omg me too!! I think i use food as a way of trying to distract myself but eventually the food runs out and I stress out even more! doesn't help that I love snacking on chocolate and it gives my acne!