my *slightly* lucky day

Today i got 3 free Nivea samples at the train station
Then i found $2 on the ground
After that my boss left a Lindt ball on my keyboard

This afternoon i was browsing the Coles catalogue (my go-to supermarket) & found out M&M's are HALF PRICE this week !!! Excellent news considering they feature in the cookies i am making for our roadtrip this weekend & the recipe i am taking to a kitchen tea next weekend

Love it when things just 'work'. Hopefully if you read this post my luck will be contageous & rub off on you <3


  1. Love this post x could use some luck ;)

  2. Love this! You are oh-so positive, it reminds me to be more thankful for the little things. You blog is downright fab and I just adore it. Can't wait for another post like this one, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
    I'm your newest follower!

    xx, Maria

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