How hard is it to pick up a cake ?

Ok, dear followers...i dont want to do this to you, i really dont

BUT i need to vent ! If you're not into listening to other people problems, look away now cause mine are not only annoying they're also petty

Anyway, you've been warned...lets begin;

So yesterday my supervisor asked me to pick up the monthly birthday cakes on the way to work, no problem i said ! Got to the cake shop this morning, wasnt there, tried the other cake shop on level freaking 5, still wasnt there so i called my supervisor...turns out the girl who ordered them had ordered them the cake shop i was asking in but in a COMPLETELY different shopping centre !! Like come on ? Why do that ? And why not tell me ? Like i enjoy running around in the morning searching for cakes ? Whatever...i got over it, until i got to work.

Picture Anne Hathaway in 'The Devil Wears Prada', when she is rushing around trying to get Miranda's coffee, or boogy boards for the twins. Thats what i looked like, plus cake.

When i got there, my 'friend' had volunteered to go find me, as though i was a lost little girl out wondering in the world, the same friend who was supposed to help me get them in the first place!? Everyone was asking me if i was ok & if the cakes had been hard to carry & so on ? I just found it so irritating, reading this back it sounds so so immature, i think because i constantly deal with it that it bothers me more

So yea, pertaining to the title of this post, its rather hard to pick up a cake

Errrgh ! i need a drink when i get home, hopefully i will get over my sensitivities !

if i break my ankle

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  1. Ahaha I'd be more irritated at the person who sent you to the wrong shopping centre!